Rexnord Launches 1040 Series & 1001-84mm Series Chains for Beverage Industry

Improving container handling for high-speed applications 

Milwaukee, WI (USA) – Designed to optimize operations, and improve container handling and ease of installation for high-speed beverage conveying applications, Rexnord launches the Rexnord 1040 Series Magnetflex TableTop Chain and 1001-84mm Series MatTop Chain.
The 1040 Series Magnetflex TableTop Chain offers a conveying chain solution for single-track, mass side-flexing conveying applications. Additionally, the chain provides:
  • 40% lower chain weight compared to similar chain designs in the market — allows more chain length packed per box and lower head shaft tension to drive the chain, which translates into energy saving opportunities
  • Patented Pin Retention Solution and a shipping box with QR code linking to a chain assembly video — fast, easy and safe installation
The 1001-84mm Series MatTop Chain offers a conveying chain solution for high-speed, single-track critical conveying applications, such as pressureless combiners and decombiners. Additionally, the chain provides:
  • Optimization per pitch for the required conveyor length with optimal catenary size and a shipping box with QR code linking to a chain assembly video — fast and easy installation
  • No clip on top surface  — improves sliding surface

Both chains feature 0.2mm height difference on top plates, allowing for high performance with excellent flatness, and are available in Rexnord Engineered Plastics, providing the lowest friction levels. Additionally, both chains are available in flush grid execution, ensuring that fluids and contamination on the chain surface does not remain on the chain surface.

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Video: How to Assemble/Disassemble FTM1040 TableTop Chains
Video: How to Assemble/Disassemble 1001-84MM MatTop Chains

About Rexnord
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