Rexnord Introduces the Revolutionary 1533 Series for Case Packer Lines


For decades Rexnord has been on the cutting edge of industry leading solutions to ensure case packer lines run smoothly. Leveraging our decades of experience, we are proud to introduce the Rexnord® 1533 Series MatTop® Chain. This chain has been designed to handle the increasing diversity of packages as they are conveyed to the palletizer.

About the New Rexnord 1533 Series MatTop Chain:

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Safety is our top priority  
The safety of line operators is paramount and at Rexnord we take this consideration into our product design. The Rexnord 1533 Series MatTop Chain offers the smallest transfer gap on the market to avoid finger pinching between conveyors.

Product stability is critical  
The packaged product is the billboard to the consumer; ensuring this is handled with little to no damage is critical. To ensure minimal damage we have designed a chain which has the highest product stability.

Superior backline pressure
Rexnord’s long history of providing superior performance when it comes to backline pressure means you can avoid damage to your cases, without worrying about package thickness or container size.

Design your conveyor to match your product needs  
Rexnord has innovated the design of small pitch LBP chains to allow wearstrips to be placed in any configuration without risking roller activation and thus changing package orientation. This ensures your package will reach the palletizer with consistent positioning.

Standardize your packaging area  
Simplify your case handling operations by standardizing Rexnord’s line of 1500 series MatTop sprockets and widths to achieve industry leading performance and reliability throughout your case handling area.

About Rexnord
Within Rexnord, we design, manufacture, market and service specified, highly engineered mechanical components worldwide used within complex systems where our customers’ reliability requirements and the cost of failure or downtime are extremely high. We keep industry moving with products and services that enhance the reliability of equipment supporting key industries, including food, beverage & liquid, automotive, energy, and mining. Rexnord is the world’s largest manufacturer of metal and plastic conveyor chains and belts.