Rexnord Introduces Eco Sustainable Solution for Glass Pasteurizer


Rexnord announces its new Rexnord® 9406 Series MatTop Chain, a full metal pasteurizer chain specifically designed for glass container handling.

The robust design of the chain in combination with the perforated surface execution of the top plates minimizes downtime caused by broken glass. The stiffness of the chain results in no elastic elongation at the drive, a very smooth and steady forward motion which improves bottle stability. The stiffness also allows a minimal catenary of the chain which is beneficial when used in a double deck pasteurizer.

The chain can be combined with a self-clearing dynamic transfer which guarantees all bottles being cleared of the pasteurizer without any human handling.

The full metal execution features a high reliability and a high strength in combination with a high wear and chemical resistance. The chain has been designed in full stainless steel which makes sure that corrosion has no chance in the pasteurizer.

Optimize your productivity with the Rexnord 9406 Series MatTop Chain. Less downtime in combination with a self-clearing free flow chain make sure that your production line is running efficiently.

Eco Sustainable solution
The full stainless steel chain is recyclable and corrosion-resistant. The lifetime of the belt is expected to be twice as long compared to a plastic belt and therefore contributing to an eco sustainable solution. Energy reduction can be optimized thanks to the light weight of the chain compared to other steel chains.

About the New Rexnord 9406 Series MatTop Chain:
  • The Rexnord 9406 Series MatTop Chain is suitable for all pasteurizer machines.
  • The chain is available in widths of 60" up to 189" in increments of 3".
  • The Rexnord 9406 Series MatTop Chain runs on new designed plastic non split sprockets

For more information, please visit our product page here.

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