Rexnord HTX7748 MatTop Chain Launches Worldwide

Proprietary and specially engineered heat stable material withstands heat tunnel applications

Milwaukee, WI (USA) –- Designed for shrink-wrap case packers in high temperature heat tunnels, Rexnord recently launched its new Rexnord HTX7748 MatTop Chain. Customers around the globe with operations in the beverage & liquid and food industries will benefit from reduced oxidation, increased uptime, reliability, and more.
As the latest addition to our comprehensive line of high-strength conveying chain, the Rexnord HTX7748 MatTop Chain provides customers with:
  • 42 percent open area and a smooth surface — supports heat dissipation through cooling cycles.
  • Proprietary and specially engineered heat stable material — withstands heat to cooling cycles of heat tunnels, ensuring uniform cooling while also allowing for easy release of materials — resulting in less scrap, more uptime, and longer chain life.
  • Engineered design for high performance and reliability — offers a heavy-duty plug and retention feature, stainless steel pins, and the Rexnord 7700 Series MatTop Chain proven base design; pins remain in place, providing a stronger chain and easy link replacement when needed.
  • Technical expertise — the combination of our chain design and technical expertise helps customers choose durable conveyor systems that guarantee optimal product handling.

To learn more about the Rexnord HTX7748 MatTop Chain, call Rexnord FlatTop Technical Support at 262-376-4800 (customers in North America) or +31 174 445 111 (customers in Europe).

Product Sheet: Rexnord HTX7748 MatTop Chain for Heat Tunnel Applications

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