Rexnord Broadens its IIoT Smart Tag Solution Offering

Milwaukee, WI (USA) — Rexnord is pleased to introduce the Smart Coupling, part of its growing portfolio of connected products featuring the IIoT Smart Tag Solution. Its Coupling & Shaft Solutions products, including Elastomeric, Disc, Grid, and Gear Coupling products as well as Torque Limiters, are used in a variety of applications across numerous industries in the Energy, Industrial Equipment and Material Handling Sectors. These products provide excellent torque transmitting, vibration dampening, and high misalignment capacity, while enabling extended life to installed equipment such as industrial fans, boiler feed pumps, gas turbines, on/off-shore centrifugal compressors, automotive test benches, bulk handling and paper mill drives among others.

Rexnord’s offering of Smart Coupling products, as well as the recently launched line of Thomas 4-Bolt XTSR and XTSRLS products, will be featured at the 2017 Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia in Houston TX, Dec 12 – 14. During this show attendees will be able to discover the strengths of these new products while immersing in the user experience and capabilities deployed using our IIoT Smart Tag solution.

Rexnord provides a range of connected products that offer a means to monitor critical parameters of your equipment, providing operational analytics that anticipate the failure of key components, increasing the performance of your system, prolonging the useful life of your equipment and avoiding catastrophic failures that result in costly production downtime.

“Rexnord’s portfolio of Smart Coupling and shaft management products with the IIoT Smart Tag Solution is bringing an increased level of connectivity to our customers and end-users” says Chino Imediegwu, Director Global Product Management. “As part of our strategic DiRXN initiative, this new capability enables us to deliver value to our customers throughout the product’s lifecycle in totally new ways while increasing the ease of doing business and positioning Rexnord as the OEM of choice for their Coupling & PT Drive component solutions.” 

Rexnord’s IIoT Smart Tag Solution provides enhanced, asset management value through:
  • Available on-demand information that assists with streamlining and shortening new product installation, service maintenance, trouble-shooting and changeover times throughout the product’s lifecycle.
  • Immediate access to accurate and up to date product series and model identification, a view to on-hand inventory from the  closest stocking and/or distributor of last purchase — with accurate pricing and lead times — and an overall faster order/re-order process.
  • Access to specific product series and model number information for equipment installed on-site locally for each of our customers, with the ability to know immediately what the product is and when it was installed. The solution also enables end-users to receive alerts on product service activities and performance feedback for installed equipment.
From installation and maintenance content support and product registration benefits, to quick re-orders and service packages, Rexnord’s IIoT Smart Tag solution provides on-demand and on-site information through an intuitive smart phone, tablet or PC interface. Coupling & Shaft solutions products with the IIoT Smart Tag solution are available for order in all markets served globally.

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About Rexnord
Within Rexnord, we design, manufacture, market and service specified, highly engineered mechanical components worldwide used within complex systems where our customers’ reliability requirements and the cost of failure or downtime are extremely high. We keep industry moving with products and services that enhance the reliability of equipment supporting key industries, including food, beverage & liquid, automotive, energy, and mining. Our new digital productivity platform, DiRXN (pronounced “Direction”), based on the integration of innovative Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and e-commerce technologies with a leading portfolio of tools, products and services, connects our customers to data and information that allows them to optimize productivity across all stages of their lifecycles.