Rexnord Announces the New CT-Series, Cooling Tower Gear Drive

Milwaukee, WI (USA) — Rexnord is proud to announce the latest addition to our line of Falk right angle gear drives — the Cooling Tower (CT) Series. Designed specifically for induced draft, wet cooling tower applications, the Falk CT-Series is capable of withstanding harsh cooling tower operating conditions. Combined with Addax Composite Couplings and Addax Mechanical Brakes, Rexnord offers customers a complete power transmission product solution.

The Falk CTA gear drive is designed to directly replace comparable Amarillo® double reduction gearboxes, with matching footprint and critical mounting dimensions to reduce installation costs. Featuring spiral bevel gears, finished using a state-of-the-art hard cut process and precision-machined helical gears, the Falk CTA delivers low noise and reliable, low vibration operation. The vertically-orientated cooling fins, combined with standard marine grade paint, ensure long service life in the harshest of cooling tower environments.

The Falk CTA gear drive is also a part of Rexnord’s digital productivity platform, DiRXNTM (pronounced “Direction”) — integrating the innovative Industrial Internet of Things and e-commerce technologies with Rexnord's leading portfolio of tools, products and services. The attached Smart Tag provides users with an intuitive experience designed to increase overall customer value through on-demand support, including maintenance and installation manuals, videos, troubleshooting guides and opportunities to register the product directly to expedite reorder and support asset management.

Rexnord’s Cooling Tower gear drive will be featured at the 2019 Cooling Tower Institute Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA February 10 – 14, where show attendees will be able to discover the strengths of these new cooling tower products.

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