Rexnord Introduces the Most Comprehensive Gear Box Service Network in the United States

Milwaukee, WI (USA) – Rexnord is proud to announce the Rexnord Industrial Service Network (RIS), formerly Falk Renew. Offering the largest network of gear drive service centers and certified repair shops, RIS provides fast repair solutions throughout the lifecycle of a Falk Gear Drive or system. From installation to repair to storage, our Industrial Services deliver the repair alternatives our customers need when they need them. In addition to Rexnord’s existing Industrial Services facilities, Rexnord Industrial Services are available in two alternative forms:

Rexnord Service Centers: Rexnord is now offering the high quality, Rexnord repair experience for Falk industrial gear drives in cooperation with Falk gear drive repair shops in the United States. Our new Service Centers repair Falk drives as exclusive partners after passing an extensive facility and process audit. From ownership to repairs, and everything in between, our Service Center network cover the entire lifecycle of a Falk gear drive.
  • Falk Gear Box repair services
  • Largest network in the US
  • Rexnord original OEM Warranty
  • OEM trained personnel
  • Authentic Falk Gear Parts
Rexnord Certified Falk Repair Shops: Certified by Rexnord, Falk Repair Shops are some of the local partners that our customers already know and trust. In addition to offering the Rexnord products and services that they expect, Certified Repair Shops can now receive and repair our cutomer's Falk Gear Drives. These shops have passed extensive facility and process audits, always use Authentic Falk Gear Parts and back their work with an exceptional warranty.
  • Certified gear drive repair services
  • Authentic Falk Parts
  • Rexnord repair endorsement
Visit for more information or to request a quote on a gear box repair. For technical support, contact Rexnord Industrial Services at (877) 935-9750.
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