Rexnord Announces the Dry-PT Option for Select MatTop & TableTop Chains


Milwaukee, WI (USA) — Rexnord is proud to announce the latest addition to our premium line of conveying solutions products; the Dry-PT material option is now available in North America for select MatTop and TableTop chains. Dry-PT is optimized for applications where sustainability is critical, designed to maintain a constant low level of friction between the conveying chain and the bottle, run without lubrication and perform at a high level under stress. Produced in a unique lime green color to make early detection of contamination build-up easier, Dry-PT chain is ideal for PET bottle conveying applications. Available in Europe for more than two years, Dry-PT has been successfully placed in over 60 applications worldwide.

Adding Dry-PT to your operation offers the following features and benefits:
  • Runs Without Lubrication - Allows for a sustainable operation (reduced water usage)
  • Engineered Specifically for PET - Friction between container and chain is consistent over time
  • Engineered Polymer-based Chain - Material designed to run at high-speed without external lubrication through corners
  • Bright Color DesignMaterial has a bright (lime green) color to make contamination buildup visible
Rexnord manufactures the highest quality conveying solutions products for the Beverage Industry, leading the marketplace in run-dry and sustainable conveying options.
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