Rexnord Announces Reinforced Cambridge Metal Modular Conveyor Belt for the Food Industry

Suitable for impact loading and pasteurization processes

Milwaukee, WI (USA) – Rexnord has introduced a reinforced version of the Cambridge Metal Modular conveyor belt designed to carry even heavier product weights suitable for impact loading and pasteurization processes. Engineered with stainless steel, its sustainable characteristics increase hygiene and food safety while decreasing time, cost and energy necessary to meet today’s stringent sanitation protocols. 
The modular-style, detectable conveyor belt has a fastener-free, integrated flight design that practically eliminates food contamination issues. The new reinforced model is 2.5x stronger than the original Metal Modular. Now made with .098 wire gauge and heavier re-bars, Metal Modular can support greater loads while still offering the same customization options during the manufacturing process.
There has been a tremendous response to the initial Metal Modular rollout during the first half of the year and now customers are seeking to use it for broader food industry manufacturing applications. The new reinforced model expands its use beyond the meat and poultry industry to include use with baking and snacks, beverages, fruits and vegetables, and even industrial building products and textiles.
Customer applications for the belt now include raw and finished products, horizontal and inclined conveying, transfers, cooling, dewatering, washers, dryers, cookers up to 400 degrees, bagging, and pack-outs.
Metal Modular’s variable, patent-pending reinforced edge technology and design allows it to deliver several unique and proprietary benefits currently not available in plastic or metal belts. During the manufacturing process, spacing can be varied across the belt’s width to make the mesh denser at points of distress and add strength and rigidity where needed. In addition, three connection points reinforce the stainless steel wires, preventing them from falling into product during processing.
Further customization capabilities using exclusive rail match technology allow Metal Modular to be fabricated so it can easily drop into a customer’s existing conveyor support beds and insert integrated flights in exact locations.
The belt is designed to withstand the harshest of environments and sanitation treatments.
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