Rexnord Extends the Smart Condition Monitoring System, Powered by DiRXN - Now Available for A & Y Gear Drives

Milwaukee, WI (USA) — The Smart Conditioning Monitoring System (SCMS) provides customers of Rexnord products with the capability to reduce downtime, extend asset life and improve performance levels. The SCMS measures, records, trends, and displays drive operating conditions and alerts specified users of abnormal operating conditions. Our proprietary algorithms continuously compare both individual and aggregated sensor data against embedded models of healthy drive operating conditions. When an emerging or actual abnormal condition is detected, contextual information about the condition is simultaneously sent to users via e-mail, the smart condition monitoring system cloud-based software portal and/or your supervisory control software, if connected to a control system.

This Smart Condition Monitoring System is now available to current users of Falk A & Y Gear Drives. This system can be installed on A & Y Gear Drives either at our service centers or in place without removing them from service, and connects directly to the user’s existing PLC or DCS system. “We at Rexnord are excited to offer the Smart Condition Monitoring System to improve productivity, reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance costs for our customers” says Nolan Landes, Director of Product Management Material Handling. “Falk A & Y Gear Drives are often found at the heart of a customer’s operation and are key to that customer’s ability to deliver value. We are excited to extend the smart condition monitoring system capabilities to Falk A and Y units, and coupled with Rexnord Industrial Services, provide a comprehensive monitoring solution that can be retrofitted to these existing mission-critical assets.”

A and Y digital connectivity is our latest advancement after previously releasing our digital condition monitoring package for both new and retrofit installations last year. Adding the SCMS to A & Y Gear Drives are two of the newest product lines to be powered by DiRXN  (pronounced “Direction”), Rexnord’s digital productivity platform — integrating IIoT and e-commerce technologies with Rexnord's leading portfolio of tools, products, systems and services.

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For immediate assistance and ordering information, please contact Rexnord at 1-866-REXNORD (866-739-6673).

About Rexnord
Within Rexnord, we design, manufacture, market and service specified, highly engineered mechanical components worldwide used within complex systems where our customers’ reliability requirements and the cost of failure or downtime are extremely high. We keep industry moving with products and services that enhance the reliability of equipment supporting key industries, including food, beverage & liquid, automotive, energy, and mining. Our new digital productivity platform, DiRXN (pronounced “Direction”), based on the integration of innovative Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and e-commerce technologies with a leading portfolio of tools, products and services, connects our customers to data and information that allows them to optimize productivity across all stages of their life cycles.