New KleanTop PacTitan Pro Metal Conveyor Belt Promises Improved Uptime in Harsh Food Processing Applications


Advanced belting design shows longer life in breading, battering and other historically tough food processing applications.

Milwaukee, WI - Rexnord, a leading multi-platform industrial company offering the broadest portfolio of conveying solutions in the food processing industry, has announced a new metal conveyor belt, the KleanTop® PacTitan Pro™. The new belt – which has been designed to not only be hygienic and food-safe, but to also last longer than belts in tough applications – offers poultry, baking and snack food processors a reliable conveying solution on applications that have typically been the most trying for belt longevity.
“Food processing applications with abrasive or viscous ingredients and strict sanitation protocols are known to be tough on conveyor belts, sometimes requiring weekly belt replacement in the most extreme conditions,” said Chris Plier, director of global product management for Rexnord.
Initial installations of the new KleanTop PacTitan Pro have shown to deliver on the promise the belt makes for longevity and mitigation of product contamination risk. “All of the installations of the KleanTop PacTitan Pro are either still running without a failure or, in the one case where a failure did occur, the belt components remained intact as designed so that all of the belt was easily accounted for, no product was contaminated, and production was restarted swiftly” said Plier.
In addition to the benefits related to longevity and reduced contamination risk, the KleanTop PacTitan Pro offers:
  • Helps Protect Employee Safety: Smooth belt edge protects workers from catching on the belt.
  • Maintains Product Quality: 7/16” pitch to handle delicate products and execute careful transfers.
  • Improved Production Savings: Test installations have shown optimization of ingredient usage leading to overall cost savings.
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