Can Industry Solutions

Request InformationWhether your need is for container manufacturing, primary packaging or secondary packaging, choose Rexnord. Rexnord keeps your beverage or liquid cans moving, no matter what the location.

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Bearing Products

Maximize uptime in washdown applications with bearings that are corrosion-resistant.

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Link-Belt Klean-Gard Ball Bearing

White polymer housing, stainless steel insert resist corrosion. Shaft seals reduce contamination. Washdown capable.

Product Sheet: Link-Belt Klean-Gard Ball Bearing

Conveying Solution Products

For maximum protection of container and cases traveling at all speeds and capacities, choose Rexnord Conveying Solutions.

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Roller Upgrade System

Retrofit solutions for existing belt and roller case conveyors for superior performance and productivity.

Brochure: Rexnord Roller Upgrade System

1050/1055 TableTop Chain

Multiple thicknesses for ease of transfer to MatTop chains. Closed-gap design and small pitch for less cordial action.

Catalog: 1050/1055 TableTop Chain

1060 TableTop Chain

0.34" thick TableTop chain with closed-gap design, small pitch for less cordial action, magnetic hold-down feature.

Catalog: 1060 TableTop Chain

1505 MatTop Chain

High-performance, low-friction, small-pitch chain. Nosebar capable. HP/PSX materials.

Catalog: 1505 MatTop Chain

5705 MTW PT MatTop Chain

0.50" thick mold-to-width chain. Positive tracking system for better side-to-side transfer.

Catalog: 5705 MTW PT MatTop Chain

5997 MatTop Chain

Industry standard, raised rib MatTop chain with larger ribs than 8507 chain.

Catalog: 5997 MatTop Chain

66 SS TableTop Chain

Ferritic stainless steel TableTop chain with superior surface finish and wear resistant magnetic pin.

Catalog: 66 SS TableTop Chain

7700 MatTop Chain

Larger pin, thicker chain for improved wear. MTW/ATW. Use with dynamic transfer system and positive tracking system.

Catalog: 7700 MatTop Chain

7705 MatTop Chain

0.50" thick MatTop chain with larger pin than 8505 chain for superior wear on high-speed, straight-running applications.

Catalog: 7705 MatTop Chain

7705 MTW PT MatTop Chain

Best wear surface, 0.50" thick mold-to-width chain. Positive tracking system for better side-to-side transfer.

Catalog: 7705 MTW PT MatTop Chain

7708 MatTop Chain

Large open area chain used with Rexnord's dynamic transfer system (DTS).

Catalog: 7708 MatTop Chain

7966 MatTop Chain

Side-flexing MatTop chain maintains case orientation using single strand.

Catalog: 7966 MatTop Chain

815 SS TableTop Chain

Austenitic stainless steel TableTop chain for best wear in glass container handling.

Catalog: 815 SS TableTop Chain

8500 MatTop Chain

Small pitch MatTop chain available in mold-to-width (MTW) and assemble-to-width (ATW).

Catalog: 8500 MatTop Chain

8505 MatTop Chain

Increased strength for longer conveyors. High-performance, low-friction, small-pitch. Nosebar capable. HP/PSX materials.

Catalog: 8505 MatTop Chain

8505 MTW PT MatTop Chain

Improved wear surface, 0.34" thick mold-to-width chain. Positive tracking system for better side-to-side transfer.

Catalog: 8505 MTW PT MatTop Chain

8507 MatTop Chain

Raised rib design, finger comb capable for tight transfers. High performance, low friction, small pitch. HT/USP materials.

Catalog: 8507 MatTop Chain

882 TableTop Chain

Industry-standard, side-flexing TableTop chain.

Catalog: 882 TableTop Chain

Fortrex MatTop Chain

Stainless steel chain with rollers for best resistance to container breakage.

Catalog: Fortrex MatTop Chain

HP7705 MatTop Chain

0.50" thick chain, larger pin than 8505 for high-speed, straight-running applications. RubberTop for incline/decline.

Catalog: HP7705 MatTop Chain

Marbett Conveyor Components

Wide variety of guides, transfer plates, brackets, wear strips, bi-material rollers, return shoes, brackets, levelers.

Catalog: Marbett Conveyor Components

Coupling Products

Choose from non-lubricated couplings for extended life of connected equipment in your container applications.

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Omega Elastomeric Coupling

Excellent vibration dampening and high-misalignment capacity, for extended life of connected equipment.

Product Sheet: Omega Elastomeric Coupling

Wrapflex Elastomeric Coupling

Replace-in-place design for quick installation and replacement, patented hub and flex element design ensure long life.

Product Sheet: Wrapflex Elastomeric Coupling

Gear Products

Count on Rexnord Gears to move containers throughout your production and distribution facility.

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Falk Ultramite UB Right Angle Helical Bevel Gearmotor

High-efficiency gear set, accepts standard NEMA/IEC C-face motors. Unique seal design for product life and cleanliness.

Brochure: Falk Ultramite UB Right Angle Helical Bevel Gearmotor

PT Drive Component Products

Protect equipment in your container applications with flexible and corrosion-resistant torque limiters.

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Autogard Series 200 Torque Limiters

C-to-C configuation available for ultimate flexibility. Corrosion resistant finish. Available with automatic or manual reset options.

Brochure: Autogard Series 200 Torque Limiter