Rexnord’s Smart Condition Monitoring System provides customers with the capability to reduce downtime, extend asset life and improve performance levels.

Insights Through Cloud Analytics

Reduce Downtime

Actionable insights and early notifications enables reduced unplanned downtime.

  • Temperature of key components
  • Vibration at key locations
  • Oil quality
  • Connected motor current draw
  • Output shaft speed
Receive Smart Alarm Notifications

Extend Asset Life and Improve Performance

Monitor health and anticipate failure of your critical assets with real time 24/7 notifications.

  • High visibility Andon light for local operator
  • PLC/DCS connectivity to all leading industrial platforms
  • Emails with actionable information
  • Text messages (coming soon)
  • User-friendly Rexnord Connect portal
Web-based Portal & Mobile App

Easy Installation

Factory certified installation performed by Rexnord.

  • Simplified PLC/DCS set-up
  • Upgrade your assets on-site without removing them from service
  • Upgrade at Rexnord’s service centers
Support Through Subscription

24/7 Support

Continued Support Through a Subscription-Based Model.

  • Web portal and mobile application maintenance and updates
  • Security patches
  • Refinements to product measurement algorithms and analysis
  • Extended warranty available

Smart Condition Monitoring System: Available Products

Learn more about the products that the Smart Condition Monitoring System is available for

A-Plus Gear Drive

Y-Unit Gear Drive

V-Class Gear Drive

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