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If your industrial fixed-mount bearing could talk, what would it say? Would it inform you that it needed to be relubricated? Would it warn you about excessive load or vibration levels? Maybe it would tell you in advance when it needed to be replaced and how and where to order a comparable bearing? As networking technology gets incorporated into more and more industrial devices, some of these capabilities will be something you will want to - and should - leverage in your designs and production equipment.
Bearing designs have stayed fairly consistent for decades. They have been upgraded with new materials to make them more resistant to harsh environments and there have been advances in lubrication and seal design to extend the lifecycle of the bearing application, but for the most part, the overall design and functionality of the bearing has remained the same. However, with the recent developments in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), bearings have the opportunity to provide more value to you.

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As IIoT becomes more common in industrial devices, certain features will become expected. The end goal of IIoT is to make your job easier. That means features like easy access to product specs, 3D drawings, technical support and the ability to quickly configure and reorder the proper component for your application will become a greater contributor to the success and efficiency of your job. If this is the case, then surely if your bearing could talk, it would provide you with all of this information! Believe it or not, these capabilities are readily available through QR code tagging.
At Rexnord, we are leading the charge in integrating IIoT functionality into mechanical power transmission designs. With the digitization of information and ecommerce in your personal life, it’s no surprise that you want - even expect -  the same efficiency in your work life. The features discussed above, as well as functions such as real-time data collecting and condition monitoring, are all available now in industrial mechanical solutions. The best part is, this connected user experience isn’t limited to bearings. Everything from couplings, to chains, to gear drives are now - or will soon be - integrated with IIoT, making your entire operation smarter and more efficient than ever before.

For more information on Rexnord IIoT Solutions, visit our DiRXN platform page.

Mike Miclot

Mike Miclot is the Vice President of Marketing & Customer Experience, Process & Motion Control (PMC) at Rexnord. He leads global branding efforts, digital marketing, e-Business formation, and marketing communications execution in support of Rexnord’s PMC — Power Transmission platform. Mike joined Rexnord in July 2016 after spending more than seven years at Belden and 19 years with Rockwell Automation.  Mike has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toledo, and a Masters of Business Administration from Cleveland State University.