The New Universal Model 1030: Optimize Without Compromise

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The Model 1030, the newest addition to the Rexnord Smart Condition Monitoring System, has two distinctive features:

  • It monitors oil quality along with temperature and vibration—the only such system for large gear drives.  
  • It’s universal. The Model 1030 can be fitted to nearly any gear drive with an oil port 3/4” or greater—typically on equipment with a 100 HP or larger motor.


That makes simple, robust 24/7 monitoring of all the gear drives in your facility doable. You can optimize without having to compromise.

First, optimize safety. Your staff can simply check the onsite Andon light to see if there’s a potential issue, rather than conduct hands-on gear drive inspections in challenging locations. Depending on the service level you choose, alerts are also sent to your control system and the Rexnord Connect Portal.

Second, optimize your budget. Eliminate unnecessary oil changes and reduce the need for scheduled maintenance. That saves manpower as well as dollars. In fact, maintenance savings alone ensure rapid return on your investment in the Smart Condition Monitoring System.

Finally, optimize uptime. The Smart Condition Monitoring System uses proprietary algorithms to continuously compare sensor data against models of healthy gear drive operating conditions, and alert you to abnormalities. You gain the ability to identify and resolve issues before they shut down operations. Avoid unplanned downtime and the related costs of emergency repairs.

We’ve helped customers in mining, pulp & paper, cement & aggregate, power generation, forestry and other industries capture significant benefits with the Smart Condition Monitoring System. The Model 1030 extends safety, savings and uptime benefits to large gear drives.

Contact us to schedule a live demo with a Rexnord specialist and learn more about Model 1030.

Dr. Adam Welander

Dr. Adam Welander received his BS in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University before obtaining his PhD. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2009. After graduating, he spent 9 years doing advanced materials R&D for barcode and RFID systems supporting the Aerospace industry. In 2018, Adam joined Rexnord as the Product Manager of Digital Solutions, a group dedicated to IIoT solutions connecting Rexnord’s diverse portfolio of industrial equipment for Industry 4.0 applications.