Rex® RexPro High-Performance and REXPRO X Extreme Performance Chains

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RexPro and RexProX: Setting the Standard

Regal Rexnord RexPro Roller Chain is the standard for high-quality chains. Made in Germany, RexPro and RexProX feature a combination of select steels, optimized manufacturing, and Regal Rexnord RexPro Lubrication, resulting in outstanding product characteristics. The chains are available in European and American standard.

Here are just a couple of attributes of RexPro and RexProX chains that make them an ideal solution for heavy-duty drives and lifting purposes.

  • The side plates of the inner link are reinforced, heat treated and shot-peened to increase the fatigue strength of the chain. The side plates are the specific part of a roller chain that determine the fatigue resistance and, as a result, the operational safety of the complete roller chain. Only a chain with the highest fatigue resistance can guarantee a trouble-free working life. RexPro material quality is the foundation of high product quality. Friction elements like chain pin and bushing offer high geometric accuracy and surface hardness. Loading elements such as side plates and rollers feature limited carbon content compared to standard material, which produces high material hardness and good elasticity.
  • Ball-drifting of the plate bores serves to achieve strain-hardening of the material. All punching flutes and sharp edges are simultaneously removed. The result: a significant improvement in the press fits as well as the chain’s fatigue strength. In addition, all pins, plates, bushes, and rollers are shot-peened to further improve the fatigue strength. This effective cold-working additionally consolidates the surface and increases the load-bearing characteristics. Such parts have a build-in tension and therefore higher resistance against loading.
All Regal Rexnord RexPro chains fully fit the requirements of the machine directive 2006/42/EG and can be used in lifting applications.

All of Rex Leaf Chains and Roller Chains are signed with the CE Marking of the European machine directive 2006/42/EG

Due to their outstanding product characteristics, Regal Rexnord RexPro X roller chains are especially appropriate for applications in drilling rigs. Their high tensile strength is just one of the primary advantages they offer.

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Thomas Gontermann

Thomas Gontermann started with Rexnord in 2006 as an Application Engineer. In this role, Thomas worked with different functions including design engineering and product management. Currently, Thomas is a Senior Application Engineer supporting Regal Rexnord´s leaf and roller chain business, and other conveying customers; he provides chain selection and product recommendations, field service, and training for distributer and maintenance staff. Thomas is based in Betzdorf, Germany.