Regal Rexnord eTools Offer Self-Service to Specify Couplings for Your Application

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Regal Rexnord is constantly developing self-service eTools to help you select, configure to quote, and obtain 2D and 3D CAD models without ever having to pick up the phone or email.

Whether you’re new to selecting couplings for an application or an experienced user, Regal Rexnord offers a variety of eTools to help you make an informed decision on selecting and configuring the best coupling for your application.  Our general-purpose Coupling Selector Tool takes basic application details like HP, RPM, Shaft Sizes, Service Factor and Shaft Gap to select viable coupling options that meet the requirements of your application. Choose from brands you know like Omega and Wrapflex Elastomeric, Steelflex Grid, Lifelign Gear, and Thomas Disc Couplings. Features and benefits of these products can then be compared to determine a preferred solution before proceeding to quote and CAD downloads.

Specific to the Cooling Tower applications, our new Addax CT Coupling Selector uses similar application inputs to select a preferred Addax Coupling for quote and CAD downloads. We will be adding Falk CT-Series gearbox selection options to this tool in early 2022.

Once you make your coupling type and size selection, the next step is to configure your coupling details using our online Coupling Configurator. Examples of design modifications include bore tolerances, keyway types and size, puller bolt hole requirements and other product-specific considerations. Once the coupling is configured to your liking, authorized eTool users will receive 2D and 3D CAD drawings and a configured product specification document that can be used for quoting by contacting Regal Rexnord, or through an Authorized Distributor. Fully authorized eCommerce users will receive a quote with price and lead time, and can purchase through our eCommerce platform.

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Kevin Paczwa

Kevin started with Rexnord in 2015 and has held different positions in Sales, Application Engineering and Training, Commercial Operations, and most recently holds the role of Strategic Marketing Analyst – Global Strategy for the Energy Sector. One of Kevin’s initiatives is to lead the commercial development and strategy for coupling, eTools and is hyper-focused on ensuring our eTools meet customer expectations while providing real value to all user types.  Kevin graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a Bachelor of Science in Machinery Systems Engineering.