How to Choose the Right Disc Coupling

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How should you choose a disc coupling? Disc couplings are designed to meet your requirements for torque, speed and balance but unfortunately, there is not one disc coupling design that meets all of the many coupling application requirements. To ensure you choose the right disc coupling, you’ll want to ask these questions:
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  • What are the torque and speed requirements of your application?
  • Do you require a highly engineered, customized design?
  • Is coupling weight a critical consideration?
  • Does the coupling need to be corrosion-resistant?
  • Are there specific torsional stiffness requirements?
  • Are there particular industry specifications the coupling must comply with?
  • What hub style and shaft fits are required?
  • What is the expected misalignment for the application?
  • Will expedited delivery of your coupling be needed?
  • Does the manufacturer offer online tools to help you choose the right coupling, such as a selector or 2D/3D CAD drawings?
  • How important is total cost of ownership to you?
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Bill Holtz

Bill is a Senior Engineering Manager for Coupling at Rexnord. He has 29 years of experience in the coupling industry with a greater depth of knowledge in disc, elastomeric and fluid coupling designs and applications. Bill has served as a presenter at numerous industry organization events.