What Should You Expect From a Flame-Retardant Modular Belt?

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As production speeds and performance expectations continue to rise, worker safety and equipment reliability have come to the forefront.

As the can manufacturing industry becomes more demanding — with ever-increasing production speeds and performance expectations – there is a growing need for modular conveyor belting and components to handle bigger workloads faster and without downtime, risk of employee injury or equipment damage.

A conveyor system designed and built using the best materials is essential to the safety, productivity and longevity of your can manufacturing line. And one of the factors that can compromise your operation and your people is fire.

The question becomes: What should I expect from a flame-retardant modular conveyor belt?

First of all, let’s be clear: No material can provide absolute fire protection, but with the right materials, you can substantially mitigate your risk. Further, you want to make sure the solution you choose does not come at the expense of functionality, efficiency or durability.

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The FR-Plus: Developed “In The Field”

In the development of our FR-Plus modular belt range, we went straight to the source, collaborating and co-creating with key global can manufacturing companies that work in the most demanding environments. The Result? A line of products that not only provides sufficient fire-resistance, but one that also meets the growing demands of our customers, large and small.
The belt material (FR-Plus), a Rexnord exclusive, is a high-performance polymer formulated to self-extinguish per the UL Standard 94 V-0; that is, within 10 seconds from when the source of ignition or flame is removed. And if you’ve ever had a fire in your facility, you know that seconds matter.
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FR-Plus In Action

A Rexnord customer – a large global can manufacturer -- has been phasing in the FR-Plus 1506 over the past five years. On a standard line, they are currently installing it on every fourth conveyor globally with positive results.

The combination of our material and belt design and technical expertise can help you choose durable conveyor systems that guarantee optimal product handling without compromising your ability to meet targets for safety, productivity, energy savings, and minimized risk of fire.

And all our products are designed and produced in accordance with the Rexnord Engineered SustainabilityTM program, which promotes the use of high-quality, low-friction plastic materials at a low cost of ownership.

The Complete Package

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can expect from the FR-Plus. It also provides:
Low-friction: specifically designed to generate a constant level between the modular belt and can, while providing energy savings and mitigating can damage from backline pressure.

Low dusting properties: to reduce potential contamination.

Positive sprocket and belt drive connection: to produce a smooth power transfer to the belt.

Wear resistance: something you’ve come to expect from Rexnord.

Consistent friction levels: eliminating the need to adjust conveyor settings.

No external lubrication: resulting in energy and material cost savings.

​For more information on the FR-Plus Modular Belt Range, contact your Rexnord representative today.

David Bentham

David Bentham currently serves as Sales Manager, UK-Ireland & Container Industry. He has been a part of Rexnord since 2011.

David has worked in the conveyor industry for over twenty-five years, serving in both technical and sales roles. He is based in the United Kingdom.