Run Dry 60 Series

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Conveyors are the unsung heroes of today’s manufacturing industry, expanding their competency in numerous applications. Lubrication is used to be considered as one of the most important factors in the functioning of the conveyor.

Although the ratio of expenses for lubricant procurement in a general maintenance budget is only about 3-4 %, failures related to lubrication can reach up to 60 %, depending on the industry and prevailing maintenance methods. It is crucial to comprehend not just the cost of the lubricant, but also the entire cost of lubrication.

With the right approach, you could promote plant safety, stay a step ahead of oncoming environmental regulations and cut costs all at the same time.

Run Dry 60 Series is the Key

Regal Rexnord has committed years of research and development to enable our customers to run dry and reduce lubricant and water consumption. With the Regal Rexnord Dry Run 60 Series TableTop Chain in 7.5-inch and 3.25-inch width, we are able to provide a complete portfolio of run dry solutions in modular plastic and tabletop.

By developing a specialized plastic bushing and pin retention system, the Run Dry 60 Series TableTop Chain no longer requires lubrication. It avoids excess wear between the hinge and pin as the chain articulates.

Key Applications

  • Beverage Filling Line
  • Crate Conveying
  • Glass Container Making

Rexnord Run Dry 60 Series TableTop Chain Specifications

  • Pitch: 1.5 inch (3.81 cm)
  • Height: 1.18 inch +/- 0.003
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Benefits of Run dry 60 Series TableTop Chain

  1. Run Dry without having to purchase a new line: Minimal changes are required on the line for switching to run dry with the help of specialized material developed and used for the hinge of the Run Dry 60 Series.
  2. Improved safety: Eliminating lubricants improves plant safety by ensuring that production floors do not become slippery.
  3. Better hygiene: Without lubrication, Run Dry series 60 has lowered the risk of bacterial or mold growth.
  4. Reduced water consumption: Go green and save up to 9 million liters of water annually. With minimized mold growth risk, the need for water and harsh cleaning products is decreased, which is beneficial for both environment and workers.
  5. Reduced noise levels: The Regal Rexnord Dry Run 60 Series reduces noise levels in beverage plants to half of the original solution, resulting in a safer work environment for line personnel.
Regal Rexnord offers a complete range of curve materials to ensure you get the best performance of your run dry production line. To learn more about Rexnord Run Dry 60 Series TableTop Chain, take a deeper dive into Regal Rexnord's Run Dry Solutions and contact us.

Eric Buechelle

Eric Buechele currently serves as Global Product Manager focused on new product development for the beverage industry. Eric is focused on enabling sustainable solutions, ranging from water consumption reduction to thinner case pack materials.