The role of concentric lock mounting

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Rexnord bearings are found in a wide range of applications under the fan and blower umbrella, from applications such as beverage air conveyors, cooling towers and cement dust removal fans, among others.

For optimum life in these systems, it is crucial that vibration levels are reduced as much as possible. Concentric mounting styles, such as our SHURLOK® tapered adapter, provide an effective way to meet that challenge. The SHURLOK technology uses a long, tapered adapter sleeve to provide a high grip force that can easily absorb any vibration generated. Less vibration leads to cooler operating temperatures, which improve the life of not only the bearing but the drive components as well.

The SHURLOK tapered adapter technology can be found in both our heavy duty A300 ball bearing product line as well as our 6000 Series spherical roller bearings. Not only does this technology reduce the vibration of the system, it also provides a method for easy installation. The lock nut is attached to a mating thread on the inner ring, along with the tapered adapter sleeve. This lock nut-to-inner ring connection creates a mechanism that is simple to install and easier to remove when needed.

Our Centrik-Lok Series, part of our Link-Belt ball bearing line, uses an eight-slit inner ring, two-piece collar, and two hefty socket head cap screws to clamp the bearing to the shaft. This results in an average 20% more grip force than other ball bearing clamp locking devices, and it’s easy to install and remove. This design also accommodates shafting that is undersized to as much as -003”.

When it comes to tough field applications where the bearings need to survive, we have a solution for you.

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Mike Martin

Mike is an Application Engineer for Rexnord's Bearing Division. Since 2014, Mike has been with Rexnord within the Bearing Application Engineering Group. He provides customers' with support such as helping them select the proper Bearing, onsite assistance, maintenance and installation training, and troubleshooting with any issues.