The importance of adapter sleeve mounting in the steel industry

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Sleeve Mounting

Adapter mounted/concentric mounted bearings are found throughout the steel industry. Rexnord provides industry-leading shaft mounting mechanisms that not only provide superior grip force but also offer easy installation and removal.

For example, our ShurlokTM tapered adapter technology provides maximum shaft grip force while accommodating commercial shafting tolerances which can run as much as .006" undersize based on the size of the bearing. This is attributed to the large-threaded nut attached to a mating thread on the inner ring, along with the tapered adapter sleeve.

This lock-nut-to-inner-ring connection provides easy installation, and more importantly, easy removal from the shaft. This feature is especially beneficial in areas such as pickling lines where shaft degradation may cause removal problems.

Once the lock nut on the Shurlok is loosened, the taper on the sleeve is broken allowing the bearing to better slip off the shaft.

In applications such as coil-to-coil slitting lines, a high level of concentricity is required to maintain the tight tolerances inherent in this type of application. The extended length of the Shurlok adapter sleeve provides an industry-leading contact surface between the shaft and the bearing. This high level of contact provides the accuracy and strength needed to keep production moving forward without issue.

The Rex 6000 Shurlok tapered adapter provides one of the most forgiving mounting styles available, along with unmatched performance, ease of installation and removal to provide maximum uptime.

If you have questions about our Shurlok tapered adapter technology or would like to talk to one of our application engineers, call (317)273-5781 or email [email protected]. For videos and other demos, visit our YouTube channel.

Mike Martin

Mike is an Application Engineer for Rexnord's Bearing Division. Since 2014, Mike has been with Rexnord within the Bearing Application Engineering Group. He provides customers' with support such as helping them select the proper Bearing, onsite assistance, maintenance and installation training, and troubleshooting with any issues.