Rexnord Spherical Roller Bearings: Taking what the industry dishes out

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Spherical Roller Bearings
Several factors play a role in bearing life in the forest products industry. Beyond heavy loads and significant vibration, inclement weather, process-generated heat and contamination can all threaten a bearing’s life cycle.
With a two-piece outer ring design, Rexnord solid housed spherical roller bearings provide advantages over other brands servicing the forest products industry. Specifically, the Rexnord line features higher load ratings, better misalignment capabilities and gives the customer the ability to adjust clearances in the field quickly and easily. These features increase uptime and efficiency while maximizing bearing life.
Here are a few examples.
Customers find a distinct advantage using Rexnord spherical roller bearings in applications using drum chippers, where bearings are tested by high speeds and heavy loads. The ability to increase internal clearance reduces operating temperature, which leads to a longer bearing lifecycle.
In stump grinder applications, where heavy vibration can overtax bearings, our advanced design featuring press-fit outer races eliminates the risk of the outer ring spinning with the housing, a factor that leads to early failure. Other modifications that should be noted are steel retainers and our face locked threaded cover design. Steel retainers resist the impact of high vibratory load conditions. The threaded cover is used to adjust the clearance within a bearing and to keep the bearing components secure within the housing. The face lock offers a robust method to secure the threaded cover, since it is critical that the threaded cover remain in place in vibratory load conditions.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some applications require a decrease in clearance. For log debarking equipment, which tends to operate at lower speeds but with higher vibratory load conditions, a reduction in clearance is required to reduce travel distance between the rolling elements and the raceway contact surfaces, a condition that causes “roller slap.” In high vibratory load applications, the roller will vibrate between the outer and inner ring raceways and impact or "slap" the surfaces. This impact induces stress on the internal components, which in turn, causes the bearing to wear and can cause premature failure.
Regardless of the application or use case, when it comes to handling excessive heat, heavy loads and vibration, Rexnord solid-housed spherical roller bearings stand up to all challenges.

Mike Martin

Mike is an Application Engineer for Rexnord's Bearing Division. Since 2014, Mike has been with Rexnord within the Bearing Application Engineering Group. He provides customers' with support such as helping them select the proper Bearing, onsite assistance, maintenance and installation training, and troubleshooting with any issues.