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When you need assistance, whether it’s to solve a major operational problem or the answer to a quick question, you should have access to the information and professional guidance you require quickly and delivered in a way that works for you.
At Rexnord, we offer a variety of technical support options, with dedicated bearing application engineers available to assist when issues or questions arise: by phone, via email, video call, online or through an onsite visit.
Most often, you can get answers through a quick phone or email. But sometimes, you need that “little something extra.” We’re here for you, with qualified, experienced professionals to offer maintenance and installation training. From hands-on demonstrations and education, to conducting interactive practice installation techniques, our application engineers and local sales techs are available to guide you at any point along the way, depending on your need and its urgency. We can even set up a one-on-one or group video call for training, troubleshooting or demonstrations. Just let us know, and we’ll accommodate your needs.
If you just need a refresher or some “DIY” guidance, check out the Rexnord YouTube channel, where you’ll find everything from product descriptions and information, to training sessions and “how-to” videos. These training sessions are especially important if you use two fixed tapered adapter locking mechanisms, a product line that requires close attention to detail to ensure proper installation and long bearing life.
Should a bearing fail due to improper installation or for any reason, we offer failure analysis assistance. Customers can return failed units to us or, if necessary, a member of our team come to your site to disassemble the bearing and diagnose the failure. Once a determination is made, we can make recommendations for preventative maintenance.
You already use Rexnord bearings. We encourage you to take advantage of our installation and preventative maintenance expertise. To reach the Rexnord application engineer, call (317) 273-5781 or email  [email protected]. For videos and other demos, visit our YouTube channel.

Mike Martin

Mike is an Application Engineer for Rexnord's Bearing Division. Since 2014, Mike has been with Rexnord within the Bearing Application Engineering Group. He provides customers' with support such as helping them select the proper Bearing, onsite assistance, maintenance and installation training, and troubleshooting with any issues.