Program Analyzes Cylindrical Roller Bearings Under Various Conditions

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Cylindrical roller bearings are used in a variety of mission-critical applications where they are subjected to a variety of load and speed operating duty cycles under various time intervals. From gearboxes to electric motors, construction equipment, off-highway vehicles, heavy-duty truck transmissions, military applications and fluid handling/pumps, among others, this bearing style offers high radial load capacity and requires minimal space.

These bearings come in a variety of configurations to offer maximum application flexibility. See our product and nomenclature overview.

Meeting System Life Requirements

Selecting the correct cylindrical roller bearing to meet a system life requirement (minimum 90% reliability) can be a daunting task. Rexnord has developed an internal program to analyze a cylindrical roller bearing under a given duty cycle to determine the probability that a selected bearing will meet the life requirement of the specific system. Discuss your Cylindrical Roller Bearing needs.

The program accounts for ring and roller crowning and calculates loads, which are affected by the component geometry. Specifying rolling element and ring raceway crowning is an effective way to tailor a particular bearing to a specific application.

Selecting Internal Bearing Clearance 

The program also analyzes and selects the proper internal clearance required by the bearing to achieve the life requirement. Clearance is also an important factor in load distribution, affecting contact deflection, the stressed condition of the bearing and the thermal level of an operating bearing. So, selecting the right clearance is critical to achieve reliability.

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