How to Select a Bearing for a Beverage Application

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Not all bearings are created equal. Selecting a bearing that’s not suitable for your beverage application could increase unplanned downtime and decrease overall productivity. Take into consideration the following questions when choosing a bearing for your beverage operation.

Does the application require a corrosion-resistant bearing?

If moisture is consistently present in your application, which is the case with many beverage operations, choosing a corrosion resistant bearing is imperative. Standard steel bearing corrode quickly when exposed to moisture, whereas stainless steel and polymer bearings do not.

Where will the bearing be used?

What type of environment will the bearing be in? Determining if it is a dry or wet plant will help determine if you need corrosion resistant bearings. Identifying the temperature of the environment is also important. If the application is too hot, a polymer bearing will not be effective.
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What type of seal does your bearing have?

In beverage applications, having a proper seal is all-important. The combination of the correct cap and seal will provide a strong seal against any form of contamination that may come into contact with the bearing. The more protection the bearing has, the longer it will last in a harsh environment.

What range of shaft sizes are offered?

While shaft sizes vary across a wide variety of beverage plant applications, choosing a bearing that is offered in a breadth of shaft sizes is beneficial. It will allow for consistent use of the same bearing in different applications and it allows your team to familiarize themselves with the bearing and its expected performance.

How much customer support is provided with the bearing?

Regardless of what type of bearing you choose, a strong partnership with the manufacturer is key. Not only will open lines of communication with your supplier ensure that you select the correct bearing for your application, but it will also ensure that technical support will be available through the lifecycle of the bearing.

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Jason  Ludwig

Jason Ludwig is the Application Engineering Manager for Rexnord's Bearing Division. He has been with Rexnord since 2005 in roles of increasing responsibility. Jason works closely with Rexnord’s customers helping to troubleshoot issues, provide onsite support, train personnel, and select bearings that fit the customer’s needs. As the Application Engineering Manager for Rexnord Bearings, he is an expert on all bearing products that Rexnord provides.