How to Properly Install Eccentric Cam Locking Style Bearings

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The eccentric cam locking mechanism is prevalent in the agricultural industry for applications that range from harvesting to processing various products. Our Rex 3000 and Link-Belt spherical roller bearing lines offer the eccentric cam lock style through the Y and W inner ring callouts.

The cam locking collar presents a greater shaft locking force compared to a typical setscrew mechanism but poses a unique installation challenge. While the cam locking collar can be tightened in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, it is imperative that the collar always be tightened in the direction of shaft rotation. Failure to do so will result in the bearing coming loose on the shaft, which leads to premature failure.

Once the collar is properly tightened with respect to the inner ring, secure the setscrews using the torque values listed in the installation manual. Prior to installation, examine the shaft to confirm it is free of damage and sized within our recommended specifications.

For high-vibration applications that are submerged in dirt, such as tillers and harvesting equipment, it’s critical to select the proper shaft locking mechanism to provide a bearing that will hold up to these extreme applications. The Rex 6000 Series Shurlok tapered adapter features a large-threaded nut which is attached to a mating thread, along with the tapered adapter sleeve, on the inner ring. This lock-nut-to-inner-ring connection not only provides easy installation, but also easy removal from the shaft.  And its long, tapered adapter sleeve provides extremely high grip force to more effectively absorb the vibration present in tough scenarios.

Our Centrik-Lok Series (part of the Link-Belt line) features an eight-slit inner ring, two-piece collar and two hefty socket head cap screws to clamp the bearing to the shaft. This results in 20% more average grip force than other ball bearing clamp locking devices. As a bonus, it’s easy to install and remove. This design will also accommodate shafting that is undersized to as much as -.003".

The short story? When it comes to applications where your bearings need to survive in tough field conditions, we have a solution for you. Get a detailed look at these installation techniques by clicking on the following links:

Eccentric Lock

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