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In most applications, bearing seal performance is critical to achieving optimal bearing life. The two types of seals available on the PT Select series help you achieve industry-leading performance characteristics. 

PT Select is available with the standard triple lip contact seal or the optional multi-labyrinth non-contact seal.  Both types were installed on a standard "sandbox" test along with 11 other bearings from seven leading competitors.  After two weeks of continuous operation in which they were exposed to severe sand contamination, each bearing was examined for sand ingression.  

When compared with other seals in the test, the PT Select triple lip sealed unit was one of three seals (out of eight) which showed no sand ingression. All bearings tested using a non-contact type seal showed evidence of ingression; however, the PT Select non-contact sealed unit allowed the least amount of ingression. 

A second test was performed to compare operational temperature generation of PT Select  bearings versus leading competitors (the same bearings used in the sandbox test).   

During testing, the temperature of each bearing was measured for the rise over ambient temperature. The results showed that: 

  • The PT Select bearing equipped with the triple lip contact seals had a temperature rise of 47°F.  The competition had temperature rises ranging from 70°F to 177°F.  

  • The PT Select bearing with clearance seals had a temperature rise of 44°F, compared to the competition which had a temperature rise ranging from 60°F to 89°F. 

These tests prove PT Select bearings provide comprehensive, industry-leading sealing performance regardless of the type of seal when compared to other top bearing brands. 

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Dale  Stallard

Dale Stallard started with Rexnord in 1988 and has held different positions in Quality Control and Product Design and Development at multiple facilities. Dale is a Senior Application Engineer supporting Rexnord's bearing business. In his current role, he provides customers with support such as helping them select the proper bearing, onsite assistance, maintenance and installation training, and troubleshooting with any issues.