5 Tips for Installing Your Bearings Right the First Time

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Installing your Bearings
The installation process of your bearing is critical to the success of your application. Follow these instructions to minimize downtime and increase performance. 

1) Choose the best bearing for your application

Not all bearings are created equal. Choosing the best seal and best shaft-locking mechanism for your bearing will increase overall bearing performance and life.

2) Review manufacturers’ installation instructions

Always review and follow the manufacturers’ instructions. There is critical information in these instructions that will lead to a successful install or replacement.

3) Assess shaft characteristics

The shaft does not have to be perfect, but does have to be in decent condition. The shaft size is critical. 

4) Ensure proper bearing position and tightening of shaft-locking mechanism

Follow the equipment manufacturers’ recommendation for positioning the fixed and expansion units. Tighten the shaft locking device per the installation instructions. Make sure the bearings are aligned - misaligned bearings will cause near immediate failure, creating unnecessary downtime.

5) Use appropriate lubricant

Relubrication in the proper intervals and proper quantity will increase bearing life, which leads to less downtime and lower cost.

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Mark Czubak

Mark Czubak is a Principal Engineer with the Rexnord Bearing business. He has spent nearly 40 years with Rexnord where he has managed all facets of engineering, including application, design and manufacturing, giving him a cradle to grave knowledge of mounted roller bearings. With this experience, Mark shares his passion and knowledge through bearing training, application assistance and installation. “Bearings are overlooked for the more expensive components of the system, but a bearing failure can cause just as much downtime as any other component so choose your bearings wisely, and save time and money.”