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In the fan and blower industry, selecting the right bearing for your application is crucial for bearing uptime and performance. This is where Rexnord's General Bearing Analysis Application can help. This tool was developed to select bearings that best match your application and analyze selected bearings to verify compatibility.

The fan application analysis calculates bearing loads, L10 life and operating temperature for each bearing and provides recommended shaft tolerances, as well as lubrication amounts and frequency.

This valuable tool allows you to analyze a specific set of bearings or let the program choose the best set based on the parameters you enter. It can analyze several fan arrangements, from belt driven to direct drive, overhung to straddle mount and vertical to horizontal fans and blowers.

Here’s how it works. Input your fan data parameters (motor horsepower, wheel weight, static pressure, fan temperature and shaft-mounted component reference points referred to as L1 thru L7 dimensions shown in the diagrams below); your bearing and drive data (shaft size, lubrication type, sheave diameters, sheave or coupling weight); and temperature analysis information (ambient temperature, shaft speed, fan air flow, shaft orientation, shaft material, cooling wheel data) and the program will do the calculations for you to select the proper bearings.

Once you've found your bearings of choice, the program allows the results to be emailed to you. You can also create a Rexnord account, and once logged on, you can save the information, which is kept on the Cloud, allowing you to access your saved build history at a later date.

Click below to visit the General Bearing Analysis Application:

The General Bearing Analysis Application is a one-stop shop to analyze and select the right bearings for your fan and blower application. Please check it out today and contact us with any questions.

If you have questions about the app or any other bearing-related issues, call (317)273-5781 or email  [email protected]. For videos and other demos, visit our YouTube channel.

Jason  Ludwig

Jason Ludwig is the Application Engineering Manager for Rexnord's Bearing Division. He has been with Rexnord since 2005 in roles of increasing responsibility. Jason works closely with Rexnord’s customers helping to troubleshoot issues, provide onsite support, train personnel, and select bearings that fit the customer’s needs. As the Application Engineering Manager for Rexnord Bearings, he is an expert on all bearing products that Rexnord provides.