Concentric Mounting with the Centrik-Lok® Mounting System

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Matched with undersized commercial-grade shafting and enduring frequent starts and stops, package handling bearings require superior shaft holding strength to maintain proper tightness. Rexnord’s Centrik-Lok® concentric locking shaft mounting is the right product for this application.
Utilized in demanding applications that require superior grip force, concentric locking devices offer straightforward installation for longer bearing life and superior performance.
The Rexnord Centrik-Lok® shaft mounting provides the most secure shaft grip in the industry for a concentric loose mount system. With eight shaft gripping tabs, or “fingers,” and a split-locking collar, it provides 20% more holding force than competing products.

 From a customer standpoint, this line checks all the boxes:
  • Price and availability
  • Overall quality
  • Interchangeability, ease of installation, low maintenance
  • Protection from debris/contamination
  • OSHA compliant
  • Minimal shaft damage
The unique grip design and split collar (which is bolted to the fingers) give Centrik-Lok the most compressive force available. That translates into a robust mounting even when using undersized shafting.  To prove this, we conducted side-by-side push off tests with Centrik-Lok and two Tier 1 brands at various shaft variances. 

As you can see, Centrik-Lok performed better than its competition at all shaft variables.
For price, performance, reliability and long life, Rexnord Centrik-LOK is unmatched in the industry. For more information about these or any Rexnord products or applications visit or check us out on YouTube.

Marlon Casey

Marlon Casey is an Engineering Manager with the Rexnord Bearing Group. He has spent 11 years with Link-Belt and over 31 years with Rexnord managing the Research & Development, Testing, Engineering Analysis, Product Design & Development and Product Engineering activities. Marlon’s responsibilities include conceptualizing, developing, maintaining, and improving bearing products required to support MB, Link-Belt, REX and Filament Industrial Bearing products.  His skillsets and vast experience are regularly utilized by the manufacturing, commercial, and applications’ departments to provide an expert level of product knowledge to support customer needs.