4 Key Benefits of Smart Tags for Your PT Select Bearings

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Rexnord PT Select bearings are equipped with a smart tag, which provides a great deal of information about the product, along with additional benefits that can simplify installation, streamline maintenance, speed reordering and replacement and register your product to extend warranties.  

These smart tags can be scanned using our Rexnord Connect mobile app or any QR code reader. Once the tag is scanned, you’ll have instant access to your product information, ranging from product identification to technical specifications. 

With smart tags, you can: 

  1. Keep products in peak condition, with maintenance guides and product support at your fingertips. 

  1. Speed installation and changeovers by easily identifying your part, referring you to installation and maintenance videos, and offering product manuals with all necessary information about your product 

  1. Reorder anytime, 24/7, simply by identifying the part number, which allows you to get price and availability to quickly order a replacement product. All PT Select bearings are in stock in our Milwaukee warehouse for quick replacement. 

  1. Register products, which allows you to extend your product warranty by one year. 

Our smart tags provide installation support that allows for faster startups with fewer errors, maintenance support for improved productivity and lower costs and replacement support for easy, accurate reordering of our in-stock PT Select bearings. 

Learn more about our Smart Tags on YouTube.

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Jason  Ludwig

Jason Ludwig is the Application Engineering Manager for Rexnord's Bearing Division. He has been with Rexnord since 2005 in roles of increasing responsibility. Jason works closely with Rexnord’s customers helping to troubleshoot issues, provide onsite support, train personnel, and select bearings that fit the customer’s needs. As the Application Engineering Manager for Rexnord Bearings, he is an expert on all bearing products that Rexnord provides.