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Author: Dale Stallard | Category: 574e1536-250f-4ef9-baa0-59ca9d038d60
Agricultural equipment performs a variety of tasks in different environments. Most of these machines depend on bearings to assist internal rotation. 
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Author: Thomas Gontermann | Category: Industrial Chain, Material Handling
New Extreme Performance Roller Chain designed especially for round baler applications as a drive chain.
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Author: Mark Czubak | Category: Bearings

Shock, speed, contamination, and temperature can create a hostile environment for mounted roller bearings in hammermill and grinder applications. Let Regal Rexnord help you ensure that mounted bearings are configured for optimum performance in your grain-processing equipment. 

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Author: Jason Ludwig | Category: Bearings
The grain industry relies on bearings to keep equipment moving. Contamination due to grain dust is a leading cause of bearing failure, so you want a roller bearing with superior sealing capabilities. Switching from existing tapered roller bearings to spherical roller bearings can provide significant performance advantages for your grain operation. 
MCG22011E Rex Roller Chains for Gypsum Dryers Graphics for Blog_Thumb 150x188_R2_WEB
Author: Jorg Heuer | Category: Industrial Chain, Industrial Equipment, Material Handling
The gypsum dryer is the last step in the manufacturing process. During the vital drying step, a conveyor belt driven by a roller chain moves gypsum plaster boards through an oven. It may sound simple, but several key components and conditions have to work together to ensure quality drywall.
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Author: Thomas Gontermann | Category: Industrial Chain
Regal Rexnord RexPro Roller Chain is the standard for high-quality chains. Made in Germany, RexPro and RexProX feature a combination of select steels, optimized manufacturing, and Regal Rexnord RexPro Lubrication, resulting in outstanding product characteristics. The chains are available in European and American standard.
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Author: Jorg Heuer | Category: Industrial Chain
Regal Rexnord ensures that its Leaf Chains for transportation and logistics applications are engineered for high performance and extreme durability. We can also produce a customized solution for telescopic cranes, drilling machines, tooling machines and more.
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Author: Dale Stallard | Category: Bearings
If a cooling fan drops out of service, it can disrupt your entire cement manufacturing process—resulting in unexpected downtime and a loss of material costs. Protect your cooling fans from being contaminated by cement dust and moisture with Rex® Auxiliary Bearing Caps, specifically designed to provide high reliability for your operation.
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Author: Robin Olson | Category: Gear, PT Drive Components
Gearbox failure results in costly downtime and mechanical repairs. Learn what causes gearbox failure and how to prevent it.
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Author: Ryan Schuller-Rach | Category: Gear, PT Drive Components
Torque limiters protect high-powered equipment from mechanical overloads caused by excess torque. Learn how torque limiter couplings help prevent damaged equipment and unplanned downtime.