Engineering Services

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We provide on site testing and analysis, custom test fixtures, competitive product evaluation, design and structures engineering, and litigation support.

Field Testing Overview

Industries Served:

  • Aerospace
  • Food & Beverage
  • Automotive
  • Mining
  • Construction & Machinery
  • Transportation & Shipping
  • Energy
  • Water Management

On Site Testing

The Rexnord Innovation Center has decades of experience measuring strain, vibration, temperature and torque loads in the field to diagnose failures and verify mathematical calculations.

We can create custom instrumented transducers, using your components which are then calibrated in our lab. These instrumented components, once installed in the field, measure actual service conditions.

Our experts will travel to your location to understand and observe your unique situation, acquire and evaluate data, and implement improvements. We have performed on site testing and analysis around the world including locations with extreme cold, heat and humidity.

Custom Fixtures

Customers value our experience and ingenuity to design and fabricate test equipment that meet specifications or simulate service environments.

Overview of Rexnord Innovation Center capabilities include:

Test Fixture Design and Fabrication

  • Specialty machines
  • Fabrication fixtures
  • Quality control and proof fixtures

Prototype Design and Fabrication

  • Production performance
  • Fabricated machined components
  • Welded components
  • Complete, working assemblies
  • Conveyor systems

Trade Show or Demonstration Unit

  • Design, fabrication, and assembly of devices that demonstrate product performance

Product Evaluation

The Rexnord Innovation Center is an independent, accredited laboratory that specializes in technology-driven product development and process validation.

We provide unbiased competitive product evaluations that provide insights to our customers on how their products compare to competitors. The Rexnord Innovation Center Quality System has documented policies and procedures that are reviewed annually to assure the quality of test results.

Service to our customers is #1 and all requests are honored without sacrificing quality or confidentiality.

Design Structure Support

The Rexnord Innovation Center has successfully designed rock crushers, electric generation turbine blades, flexible shaft couplings, locomotive wheels, construction equipment, chain components, sprockets, gears, hydraulic valves, water meter housings, commercial water mixing valves and pressure vessels.

We use 3-Dimensional SolidWorks software to create CAD solid models and ANSYS Mechanical software to analyze structures and solve complex linear or non-linear stress, loading, thermal or deformation problems.

The Rexnord Innovation Center has the capability of Fluent computational fluid dynamics software. This allows for design optimization through complex flow analysis, including air flow around a structure or interaction of viscous liquids with mechanical components.

Litigation Support

In cases involving product liability, patent infringement, or future risk, it is vital to have the support of credible experts to investigate the situation.

The Rexnord Innovation Center has highly qualified, licensed engineers and Ph.D. scientists to reliably serve as expert witnesses.

Typical Projects

  • Patent infringement support for power transmission products
  • Finite element analysis of structures
  • Physical testing of components
  • Literature review and analysis
  • Expert witness participation during litigation of cases
  • On site investigations
  • Coefficient of friction in slip/fall cases
  • O-ring failures in a pressure vessel
  • Chemical analysis for trace elements in a commercial preparation
  • Review of machinery component design to meet specifications
  • Conveyor malfunctions

Third Party Certifications

  • Observation of industrial pump test program where results are used in marketing campaigns
  • Review of in-house testing procedures, equipment and documentation
  • Verification of chemical composition relative to published specifications