Drive Shaft & Clutch Solutions

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Rexnord Industrial Services provides, repairs and services numerous drive shafts and clutches. We specialize in providing full-service power transmission solutions that have a high degree of technical expertise in advising clients in the inspection, repair, replacement or maintenance for mission critical components such as industrial drive shafts and clutches that are used in production equipment.

 Universal Drive Shaft & Clutch Repair

Drive Shaft Solutions

Rexnord Industrial Services repairs and services all types of universal shafts. Our extensive inventory makes fast turnaround routine. In addition, we have various types of quick-release couplings; swing bolt flanges, and spring-loaded assemblies. Special coatings and plating processes are also available upon request, to allow for operation in harsh environments.


Clutch Solutions

ClineRexnord Industrial Services has been providing clutch solutions to customers in the paper, steel and mobile end markets for over 30 years. We specialize in ventilated constricting (“VC”) clutch applications for line shaft driven machines such as press rolls, calendar stacks, and inching drives on paper processing equipment and rotary crop shear applications in the steel industry.

Rexnord is a “one-stop-shop” for clutch solutions. We have the ability to distribute private label and OEM systems and spare parts, repair or remanufacture an existing clutch or brake system or engineer and design a new custom clutch or brake solution under the Cline brand.