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Operations the world over rely on Rexnord for instant-response, no slip backstops. External backstops provide more system holding power than any other backstop and increase the safety and reliability of your equipment by preventing reverse rotations. Our long life designs and ability to engineer and manufacture complete, integrated drive packages assure that you get an ideal system for your needs whether it’s a single, tandem, or multiple backstop configurations.


All Falk True Hold Backstop products can be viewed in our comprehensive catalog.

Catalog: Falk True Hold Low Speed Backstops

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North America
1-866-REXNORD (1-866-739-6673)

Outside North America
+31 174 445 111

The Rexnord technical services team is available to lead the specifications process based on your design parameters, and an analysis of your application. When a unique situation confronts you, Rexnord is there to provide the right solutions.

With locations around the world, Rexnord provides experienced application and post-sales support, no matter where you are.


Falk True Hold Type NRTH, Style B, Size 1045 Backstops 568-101 Manual | English | Imperial/Metric | 166 KB
Falk True Hold Type NRTH, Style B, Sizes 1055, 1065, 1085 Backstops 568-102 Manual | English | Imperial/Metric | 104 KB
Falk True Hold Type NRTH, Style C, Sizes 1055, 1065 Backstops 568-104 Manual | English | Imperial/Metric | 157 KB
Falk True Hold Type NRTH, Sizes 1055, 1065 Backstops Horizontal shaft 568-108 Manual | English | Imperial/Metric | 115 KB
Falk True Hold Type NRT, Sizes 1075-1185 Backstops 568-110 Manual | English | Imperial | 589 KB
Falk True Hold Type NRT, Sizes 70-180, 1070-1185 Backstops Oil seal replacement 568-130 Manual | English | Imperial | 204 KB