Aircraft Engines & APUs

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Circumferential carbon seals for the engine/apu main shaft locations. Vibration tolerant sliding bearings for the front and rear engine mounts, exterior engine linkages, engine build up turnbuckle assemblies and thrust reverser systems.

Nozzle Linkage Bearing

The linkage bearing design provides multiple pivot points within the assembly.

Aft Engine Mounts

These mounts are usually subjected to high vibration and dithering motion.

Lever Bearing

Actuation and movements of van guides and other engine components.

Bracket Assembly

Designed and used in high vibratory environments.

Nacelle Bearings

Used when preload nacelle system required and reduces vibration/noise.

Duct Support Bearings

Used to isolate and support ducts in the engine.

Blocker Door

For high impact loads and corrosive environments.

Front Engine Mount

Slotted entry bearing design used in an engine mount subjected to high vibration and dithering motion.

O-Ring Face Seals

Designed for applications in which heat and size requirements demand special engineering and manufacturing expertise to produce a high quality, positive face seal.

Mating Rings

Designed to produce a high quality, positive face seal in extreme temperatures and in chemical applications where elastomers are not practical.

Bellows Seals

Designed for use in extreme temperatures and in chemical applications where elastomers are not practical.

Shallow Hydropad Seals

Patented and production proven technology capable of eliminating oil leakage and extending seal MTBF.

Contacting Face Seals

Used in numerous aerospace and industrial applications.

No-Contacting Face Seals

Hydrodynamic design generates a lubricating film of high pressure air, enables seal faces to operate in a non-contacting mode.

Gear Elements

Precision cut and ground to various standards for gears – gear measurements using Wenzel facility.

Gear/Shaft Manufacture

Precision machined to customer's drawings in a wide variety of materials. All sub-contract processes, plating and heat treatment managed.

Miniature Gear Components

Up to 3mm diameter, shafts and gears can be supplied for precision gear boxes/controls.

Motor Housing

Manufactured from bar or castings to precision tolerances.

Motor Shaft, Stack & Commutator Assembly

Precision stamped laminations as a stack are press fitted to shaft, with commutator. Fully wound assemblies can also be provided. Laminations can be provided in low volumes for prototype applications. 

Generator Stator Assembly

Precision stamped laminations are bonded together into stack, which is cleaned and machined to final dimensions prior to winding.

Generator Rotor Assembly

Laminations are bonded into a stack, fitted with copper end plates with joining copper bars welded to provide electrical circuit.

Generator Rotor Assembly

Mechanical assembly of high grade cobalt iron laminations bonded together, then fitted with coil supports and machined to final dimensions.

BLDC Motor Shaft and Magnet Hub Assembly

The laminations are replaced with a solid steel hub/shaft, onto which magnets are bonded. Protective sleeves are shrunk fit over the magnets to form a magnet/hub assembly.

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