DiRXNTM helps customers maximize production uptime and lower maintenance costs when utilizing Rexnord products and services by simplifying and accelerating the design, selection, order and re-order of critical components. Find examples below of how DiRXN offers customers digitized tools, products and services that help them easily do business with us and realize substantial, positive results in their organizations. Search, Design, Select, Procure, Install, Operate, Maintain, Replace and Solve Smarter with DiRXN.
2D & 3D CAD Drawings
Many of Rexnord's product pages now offer downloadable 2D and 3D CAD Drawings and Models, allowing users to design their application with precision measurements and specifications. When buying Rexnord Bearings, the broad selection can be overwhelming. Seaching through Rexnord's database of CAD Drawings can help answer any design questions users may have  
Configuration Tools
In addition to selection tools, Rexnord also offers configuration tools to help select a product based on an application's specific list of requirements. As seen on the Ultramite Gear Drive page, users can quickly configure the right concentric, parallel or right angle Ultramite Gear Drive based on inputs such as motor speed, horsepower, torque and mounting style.
Request For Quote (RFQ)
Integrated product RFQ (request for quote) tools make it easy to get in contact with a Rexnord associate who can provide a quote. As seen on the Spherical Roller Bearing product page, it is quick and easy to get a quote for the specific quantity of a Rexnord product users need for their application.
Installation Videos
In addition to the installation manuals found on the Rexnord Documentation Library, we also offer installation and how-to videos on our most popular products. Check out the Installation Video on the PT Select Mounted Sperical Roller Bearings in the link below.
IIoT Solutions
Real-time data collection, product health monitoring and predictive maintenance are just a few of the benefits of using Rexnord IIoT connected products. The IIoT Smart V-Class Gear Drive is the latest innovation in IIoT technology. Offering oil health monitoring, vibration sensors and remote connectivity, The V-Class Right Angle Gear Drive offers alerts and suggestions to help users prevent unplanned downtime and maximize productivity. 
Maintenance Manuals
Proper maintenance and care can extend the life of any product, which is why Rexnord provides proper maintenance manuals for all of our products. As shown in the PT Select Spherical Roller Bearing Manual below, Rexnord offers easily accessible OEM expertise available 24/7.
Interchange Guides
For users that are using competitive products, but are looking for a comparable Rexnord product, we offer interchange guides. The Rexnord Bearing Interchange Guide is designed for users to enter their existing bearing model or part number, and find comparable Rexnord Bearings that will fit their application. 

DiRXN Platform Capabilities

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