Total Cost of Ownership

Rexnord strives to be a trusted advisor, providing efficient product and service solutions that result in a lower total cost of ownership through acquisition and installation savings, reduced downtime, less maintenance and longer product life.

Learn how Rexnord has helped customers increase their bottom line.




 Falk Quadrive Delivers 98% Savings for Gold Mining Producer

 Falk Quadrive Saves More than $650,000 for High-Calcium Lime Producer

 Customer Drives 68% Savings with Falk Gearbox

Food & Beverage TCO

Food & Beverage

 Beverage Manufacturer Nearly Cuts Costs in Half with Ultramite UB Gear Units

 Ultramite UB Gear Units Deliver 65% Customer Savings for Soft Drink Manufacturer  RUS Eliminates Maintenance Nightmare at Beverage Bottling Facility

 MatTop chain delivers healthy ROI to snack food manufacturer

 Falk Steelflex coupling takes huge bite out of lost production at pet food company

 Savings heat up at soup manufacturer with Rexnord Duralon bearings

 Soda manufacturer drinks in savings of $73K with Roller Upgrade System

 Wine company Toasts Saving of 78% with Roller Upgrade System


Power Generation 


 Torque Limiter Delivers 82% Savings for Coal-Fired Power Plant

 SHURLOK Bearings Reduce Replacement Customer Costs by Over 60% at Power Plant

 Thomas Disc Coupling Saves Significant Maintenance and Downtime Costs for Natural Gas Gathering Facility

 Falk V-Class Solution Drives Significant Maintenance Cost Savings for Coal Export Terminal

 Autogard torque limiter saves company, cuts broken belts from 200 to 0
 Falk V-Class gear drive delivers powerful performance at a power plant

Pulp & Paper

 Drop-In Falk V-Class Gear Drives Save 70% for Packaging Producer

 Thomas Disc Coupling Provides 91% Savings for Paper Mill

Sawmill chops energy costs with Planetgear Speed Reducers

Easy-to-install SHURLOK bearings reduce costs by 65% in paper mill

Steel Manufacturing & Metal Processing

SHURLOK bearings slash costly downtime at steel manufacturer

SHURLOK bearings show true colors at metal painting company

Cement, Aggregate & Construction

 Hard-Faced Welded Steel Chain Saves Over $236,000 for Cement Producer

 Cement Producer Saves Over $43,000 with Rex Engineered Steel Chain

 SHURLOK bearings keep vibration and costs down for cement supplier

Wood Products Manufacturing

 Paper Mill Manufacturer Saves $169,190 with Shaft Mounted Planetgear Speed Reducers
October 2013
 Quadrive Shaft-Mounted Reducer saves lumber company over $30,000 per year



General Industrial

 MatTop chain with thermoplastic flight links push savings