Mechanical Seal Inquiries
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We are here to help you produce the finest product possible. To help us do this, please have the following information available when contacting us:

Company: ___________________________________

Adress: _____________________________________________

Name: _____________________________________________

Telephone: ______________________________________

eMail: _______________________________________________

Application: _________________________________________________

Estimated Annual Product Usage: _____________   Quote which Quantity: ______________

In Preliminary Design: _______     In Development: ___________   In Production: ___________

General Information





Turbine Model:



Ceramic Seal Location:



Current Annual Usage:







Operating Conditions





- Rotor speed(s)



- Upstream Pressure(s)



- Downstream Pressure(s)



- Upstream Temperature(s)



- Downstream Temperature(s)



- Sealed Fluid







Application Details





- Provide drawing of current seal location layout



- Provide drawing of current seal envelope



- Existing Seal Material



- Seal Housing Material



- Diameter Rotor including tolerance



- Rotor Material, including coating (if applicable)



- Rotor Centrifugal Growth (Radial)



- Rotor Thermal Growth (Radial and Axial)



- Rotor-Stator Cold Clearance



- Rotor-Stator Steady State Clearance



- Rotor-Stator Pinch Point Clearance



- Max. Radial Excursions



- Bearing Clearance



- Dynamic Radial Runout



- Housing Concentricity to Rotor



- Minimum and/or Maximum Flow Requirements



- Desired Life



- Operating Mode (i.e. Baseload, Cyclic, Peaking, etc.)