Whenever the Industry Has to Move, Rexnord is the Preferred Choice
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Rexnord and MCC® TableTop Chain
Rexnord TableTop Chains are engineered to satisfy a wide range of conveyor applications for virtually any industry. A large selection of straight running and side-flexing chains are designed to convey flawlessly in even the most demanding environments. Chains formed from metal or molded from thermoplastic are perfect for high strength and high-speed applications. Narrow widths are ideal for multiple strand and variable speed conveyors. Chains with low backline pressure rollers minimize product damage. Several chain series couple traditional top plates with roller base chain for increased strength and precision.

Rexnord and MCC® MatTop Chain
MatTop Chains provide a continuous conveying surface for applications demanding greater width requirements, available in both assembled-to-width and molded-to-width configurations. Smart design means the pins extend the full width of the chain, ensuring maximum strength and providing smoother conveying surfaces. Smaller pitch chains minimize the size of dead plates when transferring products overhead or tail shafts, reducing chordal action, which helps eliminate container tipping and jam-ups at transfer points. Engineered to satisfy a wide range of conveyor applications for virtually any product size.

Marbett Conveying Components
The Marbett component range enables Rexnord to be the preferred global FlatTop solutions supplier for conveyors and machines by providing a complete package with chains to maximize productivity. Rexnord chains reach their best performance by the use of low-friction/low-wear Marbett chain guide-return solutions, resulting in higher productivity and cost savings. Marbett components insure reduced downtime, reduced maintenance and reduced replacement costs due to extended chain and guide life. Energy consumption is also reduced because Marbett allows for longer conveyor lengths, meaning the number of drives is lower. In addition, Marbett components allow for limited or no lubrication and significant noise reduction due to material and design solutions. The top quality of Rexnord chains along with the high performance Marbett guides for container and package handling achieve a high conveyor efficiency because product tippage is prevented, so container damage/discards due to low friction materials are lessened, resulting in reduced downtimes and better container quality.

Modular Conveyor Components (MCC®)
The Modular Conveyor Components (MCC) brand provides a variety of steel and plastic tabletop chains. For operational effectiveness and easy maintenance, Rexnord MLF TableTop chains run on standard sprockets, operate on all standard conveyor structures, and are interchangeable and can be interlaced. These options allow you to choose the best match for your conveying performance requirements.

All Rexnord conveyor chains are formed or molded from the highest quality materials available. From low friction to high temperature, we offer the widest selection of materials specifically tailored around the needs of our customers. We are committed to ongoing research and development allowing us to adapt to our customers and their demanding application requirements.

What’s New?
Rexnord® HT7743 Accumulation MatTop® Chain is the newest addition to our comprehensive line of high-strength, low-backline pressure (LBP), transfer-efficient case and material handling conveying chain designed specifically for accumulating and gapping applications. The HT7743 is optimized to accumulate and convey cases, cartons, totes and multi-packs of various materials in tough distribution applications. The chain provides superior container protection to meet your throughput goals. The HT7743 LBP MatTop runs on standard 7700 series sprockets to simplify conveyor design, minimize part numbers and reduce inventory. Rexnord’s HT7743 LBP MatTop Chain incorporates a low profile in-line roller to maximize load-carrying capabilities while minimizing line pressure, which allows your facility to avoid the need for expensive zero pressure systems.

Rexnord® 8503 MatTop® high-strength, low-backline pressure (LBP) chain. This chain offers smooth nose-over transfers and low back-line pressure for accumulating conveyor applications. The 8503 accumulates and conveys cases, cartons, totes and multi-packs in various materials including cardboard, lithographed cardboard, plastic, paper, fiberglass and shrink wrap. The high-density roller design provides more roller contact for better product support and stability, minimizing damage to packaged products during conveying or accumulation. The 8503 MatTop Chain runs on standard 8500 sprockets to simplify conveyor design and reduce inventory requirements. Rexnord’s 8503 MatTop Chain incorporates a unique patented roller retention system that makes it the easiest LBPTM chain on the market to install. By capturing the rollers in the link, the assembly, disassembly and maintenance of the chain can be done without the worry of losing rollers into the conveyor system, onto the floor or through mezzanine grates to levels below.

Rexnord 3125 MatTop Chain for Single Lane Car Care Conveying provides a continuous, smooth flow of vehicles through Exterior Car Wash Operations. Used in place of traditional over/under steel conveyors, Rexnord's industrial-strength plastic chain conveys the driver's side tires while the passenger side tires roll. The durable, double-tooth split sprocket with unique chain interaction makes conveying even the heaviest vehicles easy and smooth. Jerking and rolling are minimized and vehicles remain securely in the conveyor track without jumping. Customers simply drive over the robust vehicle pushers during loading and move safely on the conveyor while the pushers stay upright for added stability. In addition, Rexnord makes operation and maintenance simple. Roller maintenance and take-up issues are eliminated, since gear drives and tail shafts are the only moving parts, making the 3125 MatTop Chain system virtually maintenance free. For more satisfied customers and better productivity, use the Rexnord 3125 MatTop Chain for Single Lane Car Care Conveying to retrofit or replace your traditional over/under steel conveyors.

Rexnord’s new Integrated Side Rail (ISR) system for 2 inch pitch Rexnord® 2010 Series MatTop¨ chain drastically reduces product loss and damage on incline and decline conveyors for snack foods, fruits and vegetables, confectionary, poultry, and other food processing applications. Integrally molded into Rexnord 2010 MatTop chain, the Integrated Side Rail is positioned flush with Rexnord 2010 pushers, fully enclosing conveyed product on inclines and declines, even in difficult “over-the-top” positions. This uniquely designed Rexnord¨ Integrated Side Rail system ensures 100% product retention on incline-decline conveyors, and eliminates product loss and damage from trapped or dropped product. The extra-high 6 inch ISR model increases conveyor capacity and can be used with high-capacity 6 inch straight and curved pushers. For more compact construction, choose the standard 4-inch ISR design. Use Rexnord’s new high-capacity, easy-release 2010 Integrated Side Rail system on new or existing conveyors to minimize product loss and save substantially on production costs.

Technical Services
Application expertise and superior engineering support with over 120 years of experience come standard with every Rexnord conveying product. When you partner with Rexnord, you have access to the industry’s most knowledgeable team of conveying experts. Our chains are manufactured to perform better and last longer. Every chain stamped with the Rex® brand has undergone extensive research and quality testing, ensuring your conveying needs will be met with the most economical, efficient and reliable means possible. Our qualified engineering staff is willing and able to assist you on all of your application needs. Rexnord will provide assistance with:

•  Chain selection recommendations
•  Chain pull calculations
•  Product performance analysis
•  Product handling tests
•  Retrofit information
•  Plant surveys
•  Run dry surveys
•  New product development  

Rexnord's broad selection of chain is used throughout a wide variety of applications; such as food processing, beverage, unit handling and industrial applications. Whenever the industry has to move, transfer or deliver the goods, chain from Rexnord is the preferred choice.