New! Thomas XTSR Disc Couplings

Rexnord introduced its new Thomas XTSR52 and XTSR71 Disc Couplings, featuring a compact size, optimized design and powerful performance.

For 100 years, Rexnord has provided solutions for couplings. Customers receive the benefits of our experience through a broad line of couplings that are manufactured for quality, reliability and easy maintenance. Complemented by a team of sales and service specialists, Rexnord delivers the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Choose from many brands, like Falk, Steelflex, Thomas and Addax. For any coupling application, Rexnord is your critical link.


Why Choose Rexnord Elastomeric Couplings CP5-001 Product Sheet | English | Imperial/Metric | 216 kB
Why Choose Addax Composite Couplings CP5-002 Product Sheet | English | Imperial/Metric | 147 kB
Why Choose Thomas Disc Couplings CP5-003 Product Sheet | English | Imperial/Metric | 304 kB
Why Choose Steelflex Grid Couplings CP5-004 Product Sheet | English | Imperial/Metric | 1 MB
Why Choose Rexnord Lifelign Gear Couplings CP5-005 Product Sheet | English | Imperial/Metric | 402 kB

New! Thomas XTSR Disc Couplings

The new Rexnord Thomas XTSR52 and XTSR71 Disc Couplings provide customers with the highest value solution for rotating equipment. Combining compact size and powerful performance, Thomas XTSR Disc Couplings are optimized for the industry, feature simple installation and maintenance, and strengthened operation and safety.

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