Coupling Products
The Addax Composite Coupling was the first of its kind. Derived from aerospace technology in 1986, it was the first composite coupling for industrial applications. Addax composite couplings are lightweight and corrosion resistant. It is dimensionally stable over a wide range of operating temperatures, and utilizes long spans between driver and driven equipment without the use of intermediate steady bearings. High misalignment capacity means no fretting corrosion and excellent fatigue resistance. And Addax composite bearings specifically meet CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) recommendations and standards.

Disc Couplings
Thomas Disc Couplings were invented by Mr. M.T. Thomas couplings in 1919 and continue to revolutionize the coupling industry through design innovation, modern materials and lean manufacturing processes. Thomas flexible disc packs are engineered for infinite life when applied within published ratings and environmental guidelines. Thomas Disc Couplings are highly reliable  and come in a broad range of styles and sizes that do not require lubrication. When specified, Thomas disc couplings meet all requirements of API (American Petroleum Institute) 610 & 671

Elastomeric Couplings
Rexnord continues to be an industry leader in elastomeric coupling design, performance and breadth of products. Manufacturers and end users of pumps, fans, blowers, compressors and conveyors installed in the harshest applications imaginable prefer our non-lubricated couplings. From pulp and paper mills to mining and energy, our flexible couplings help to protect the drive system and extend the life of connected equipment, bearings and seals by absorbing operating shock loads and torsional vibration, reducing stress loads caused by misalignment and maintaining relative balance during overload conditions. Whether it’s the patented Omega® or Viva® couplings with their split-in-half designs or our Wrapflex® coupling with its replace-in-place technology, our couplings allow for easy installation and maintenance. Users can inspect and/or replace the element without moving the hubs or connected equipment. No realignment of the connected equipment is necessary, reducing downtime and keeping operations running. Rexnord offers a broad range of elastomeric couplings to accommodate different shaft separations, bore diameters, torque and horsepower requirements.

Fluid Couplings
From underground & overland belt conveyors to crusher and mixing applications, equipment professionals are constantly seeking better technology to protect critical production systems against the effects of damaging shock loads. And when it comes to eliminating sudden, jarring starts, or preventing system failure or deterioration due to overloads, nothing outperforms the system-saving capability of Falk True Torque™ fluid couplings. As the smart alternative to expensive & complicated electronic solutions, Falk True Torque fluid couplings allow precise adjustment of startup characteristics in the field, simply by changing the fluid fill level via the easy access fill & drain holes. With Non-Delay Fill, Delay Fill and Extended Delay fill options, Rexnord offers a complete range of fluid couplings to match your torque-specific applications. True Torque provides the softest, smoothest start to dramatically reduce shock and stretch to the belt at startup and maximize the life of your system components.

Gear Couplings
Falk Lifelign gear couplings are lowest initial cost coupling for many applications. Triple crowned tooth design allows them to slide freely in misalignment and axial movement. Falk Lifelign gear couplings are designed to AGMA Standards for half for half interchangeability and offer the highest bore capacity and torque rating for standard gear couplings. With a wide variety of sizes, application specific designs, and capacity ratings, durable Lifelign couplings offer the broadest possible choice range, no matter what the application, or factory environment.

Grid Couplings
Falk Steelflex grid coupling is the global market leader in share and innovation. A torsionally flexible lubricated coupling provides flexible accommodation to changing load conditions. Steelflex offers extended maintenance periods. When used with Falk LTG grease coupling will not need servicing for up to 5 years. Replace in place design with horizontally split cover allows for easy maintenance. Versatile, application specific designs are available for application solutions.

Rexnord Falk™ Orange Peel® Guards protect people from the moving hazards associated with rotating industrial equipment, as well as that same equipment from external and environmental damage. Their patented trim-and-fit design revolutionizes equipment guard convenience and value, so you can get the jobsite safety you want without the expense and long lead times of custom engineered guards. Because Orange Peel guards are sized to your overall application, they can be quickly trimmed and installed in less than an hour, offering savings of up to 50% and getting you up and running. Orange Peel guards comply with OSHA, ASME and ANSI standards. Offered in High-Impact Polyethylene plastic or Metal, Orange Peel guards are ideal for harsh environments and virtually eliminate all guard maintenance. Orange Peel base mounted guards are hinged, and "peel" open for convenient coupling lubrication, inspection and maintenance. A low initial cost, reduced maintenance costs, superior convenience and assured safety compliance make Orange Peel guards an unbeatable value.

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