A Quarter Century of Experience Returning Drives to Brand New Condition
Rexnord’s Falk RENEWTM gearbox repair services focus on providing the lowest total cost of ownership to customers in virtually every industry. As part of our long-standing reputation, we know what it takes to have a properly run gearbox on your side to achieve:
     • Maximum uptime
     • Reliable performance
     • Lowest total cost of ownership
     • Long-term, worry-free solutions

Repair & Remanufacture Solutions
From small gear drive boxes to units hauled to our facilities on a rail car, Falk RENEW services provide unparalleled remanufacturing capabilities. Falk RENEW is about making the drive you rely on new again—not simply repaired for the short term:
     • Repair, replace or reverse-engineer gear drives from:
            - Falk, Link-Belt® or Rexnord®
            - Any other manufacturer, foreign or domestic
     • Restore drives to original tolerances
     • Renew drives to original design specifications
     • 80 years of archived, original engineering drawings eliminate guesswork
     • Our work is backed up by our standard 18-month or three-year warranty

From standard bearing replacements to complicated gear set remanufacturing, Rexnord leverages its global technical and manufacturing expertise to reengineer the drivetrain to as-new quality. 

We Make Any Drive New Again—On Your Schedule
If your drive is damaged or on the verge of failure, you are likely feeling the uncomfortable pressure of revenue loss due to unplanned downtime and expensive replacement. The problem is, you never know when that time is going to come. Rexnord's Falk RENEW service can help you determine exactly when your drive should be uninstalled, evaluated and rebuilt to factory-new condition. Our proven processes, refined over 25 years, ensure accurate timelines and worry-free results. Beyond restoring brand name Falk and Rexnord products, we repair just about any other brand. No matter where it came from, Falk RENEW repairs your drive to its original operating or modified operating specification. 

Typical Gearbox OEMs

Dresser & Elliott
General Electric
Hansen & Link-Belt
Werner Pfleider

Economical Solutions in Today's Leaner Times
These days, it makes more sense than ever to consider rebuilding drives. A drive refurbished to as-new condition can save significant cost over a new drive, will last as long as new equipment and will not affect the footprint or integration with other equipment in your installation. You have a worry-free solution for years to come—one that will continue to help generate revenue and avoid unplanned downtime.