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Falk Ultramite Drive

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Gear Products—Designed to Meet Tough Challenges
Falk UltraMax®
The UltraMax drive delivers all the performance of a parallel shaft gear drive, with the economy of a gear motor. Designed to meet the tough challenges of medium and heavy-duty concentric gear drive operation, UltraMax gives you everything you choose Rexnord® equipment for–outstanding design, durability, minimal failure, easy maintenance and overall efficiency. UltraMax can be used in high torque applications that once required more expensive parallel-shaft drives. Tough and versatile, the compact, long-lasting UltraMax offers a fully-featured concentric design that works in today's global markets. A competitive price and performance-related cost savings give UltraMax bottom-line appeal.

UltraMax comes in ten sizes, with an output torque range of 282 Nm through 67 800 Nm, or 2500 lb./in. through 600,000 lb./in. With UltraMax, you get more power for your dollar, with savings of up to 30% over a comparably rated parallel shaft gear drive. And, as always, when you team up with Rexnord, you are assured of application and delivery assistance, backed up by service and support where and when you need it.

The Alignment-Free Drive™
Developed by Rexnord specifically to meet the demands of worldwide surface and underground belt conveyor applications, the Alignment-Free Drive is a cost-effective alternative to conventional drive approaches. The Alignment-Free drive offers 40-125 output rpm, compatibility with both NEMA and IEC motors in ranges from 125 hp (90Kw) to 800 hp (630Kw), and uses fluid or electrical soft starts. 

Falk Ultramite® Gearmotor Drives
A compact size that's the perfect fit for the .25HP/.25KW through 20HP/15KW power range. You can choose a standard plug-in high-efficiency NEMA/IEC motor from stock for an easy bolt-up mounting to the gear drive. With a positive torque transfer without corrosion or fretting, energy efficiency over worm gear drives and quick availability no matter where you're located. With local availability, NEMA/IEC compatibility plus drop-in replacement, the Falk Ultramite is a real champ. 

Falk High Thermal Capacity Drives
Since 1897, Rexnord has specialized in the research, design, and construction know-how built into the rugged, dependable Falk gear drives. These precision, through hardened helical right angle Type YB drives are based on earlier successful models. To maintain that reputation, and to keep a step ahead of today's increased industrial requirements, our 20 standard sizes now transmit higher capacity (up to 3727 hp and 2,684,000 lb.-in. output torque) without an increase in external dimensions. This means we've improved the strength and performance of gears, shafts and bearings. To hold them in exact alignment day after day and year after year, extra strong, accurately machined housings are provided. In addition, our Drive One and Type AB line of horizontal right angle drives offer state-of-the-art surface hardened helical and bevel gearing. 

Falk Marine Gear Drives
Nowhere is equipment durability more crucial to a company’s survival than on the world’s waterways, where crews and schedules depend on reliable power. For more than 85 years, Rexnord has been rewriting the record books for longevity in marine propulsion.

From the heavy-duty gear sets and extended-life bearings, right down to the design and construction of our application-engineered housings, Falk Marine Drives are built to be the most reliable solutions afloat. That’s why demanding work boat manufacturers, owners and operators demand Falk.

Falk A-Plus Parallel-Shaft Drives
Falk A-Plus parallel-shaft drives feature super-rugged designs to meet every operating challenge. And they're site-proven in the world's most demanding applications to take plenty of tough, on-the-job punishment. Application-engineered to minimize stress and wear, and to extend service life, these drives deliver steady, trouble free operation, day-after-day. They're also specially designed and constructed to offer you maximum application flexibility.

Falk Magnum "No-Leak" Seals: Exclusive labyrinth-design, non-wearing, Magnum seal keeps oil in and dirt out. A purgeable grease chamber with, in most cases a *Viton® contact seal, prevents the infiltration of dirt and grime. A unique drain-back passage combines with a radial and axial bush seal to retain oil and eliminate leaks. Tandem lip type seals are used for high oil level requirements. Manufacturer's seal numbers are published for local sourcing.

Superior "High Strength" Gearing: Gearing is engineered to exceed AGMA requirements. Coarse pitch helical gears (25 degree pressure angle) are protuberance hobbed, case carburized, and finish ground with lead an profile modifications that assure full contact under load. These modifications, when combined with housing bore accuracy and assembly quality, provide gear mesh performance that is equivalent to gearing with a quality 12 level. Spiral bevel gears are case carburized, shot peened, and finish skived. Our gears can take the shock where others fail.

"Mesh Accurate" Quiet Operation: Advanced dynamic design, superior manufacturing and assembly standards, and stringent quality controls develop "mesh-accurate" gearing that assures exceptionally smooth and quiet operation and extended service life.

"Tough" Steel Housings: Rugged, all-welded steel housings simplify rebuild or bearing replacement. Extra strength and rigidity to maintain accurate gear alignments.

Falk Quadrive Shaft-Mounted Drives
The heavy duty, shaft-mounted Falk Quadrive features a unique design that makes it the easiest, quickest shaft-mounted drive to install and remove. Quadrive is built to stand up to continuous rough duty. And now, with new higher ratings, you may be able to downsize the drive, saving money right up front. Whatever your application, Rexnord offers a shaft-mounted solution. Eleven sizes, with 25 to 160 mm (1¾ to 61/2¾) bushing bores, are available with power ratings up to 224kW (300 HP), 39 547 Nm (350,000 lb.-in.) output. Output from 5 to 350 RPM. Horizontal /vertical mounting. And Falk serves a whole world of applications with metric or inch input shafts/bushings, and motor mounts to suit NEMA and IEC requirements. Rexnord distributors stock the Quadrive with modular components locally, in popular sizes, and with accessories. Regional distribution centers offer additional drives and parts. So when we say "off the shelf," we mean it.

Drive One
Drive One delivers unmatched mounting configuration flexibility on a global scale. For the first time ever, customers can get complete packages for virtually any application from a single source, using a single drive solution. Drive One offers the best of both worlds--low initial cost and lowest cost over the life of the drive.

Falk Omnibox Worm Gear Drives
When it comes to winning solutions to your right angle, small worm gear drive challenges, Omnibox has it all. Omnibox incorporates our best durability and reliability features into one competitively priced product line. Over 475,000 configurations mean there's one that's precisely right for virtually every application. And Omnibox delivers all this quality and performance in a package that offers drop-in convenience for minimal downtime. 

Falk Airmax
Gear Drive Breathers are a common source of moisture and particulate contamination. These two factors cause premature gear drive failure from corrosion, reduced performance and increased equipment wear. Airmax breather acts as a gate to prevent moisture from entering the gear drive. During the “inhalation” cycle, the AirMax media blocks moisture from entering the gear drive. During the “exhalation” cycle, the media allows the moisture in the gear drive to exit. The moisture is carried off the media by the exiting air, therefore permanently removing it from the gear drive. 

In typical operating systems the lubricant is warmer than the ambient air, but after the drive is shut down the temperature inside the drive begins to equalize with the ambient air. During this process the humid air enters the gear drive through the breather. The moisture that enters can condense on the cooler inner walls of the gear drive, which contaminates the lubricant. That’s where the AirMax breather is most effective - it prevents this moisture from entering. Thus, AirMax breather reduces as well as stabilizes the relative humidity inside the gear drive leading to a lower dew point.

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AirMax Plus
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