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Length at Top of Idler in Belt Width Direction
Product Image Part Number Description
401-60455-1 Md 12X7 Cast Bucket Unpunched
401-60455-2 Md12X7 Cast Bucket Punching For B6-15 Belt 11/32 Dia Hole
401-60455-22 Md12X7 Cast Bucket Punched For 856-K23
401-60455-23 Md12X7 Cast Bucket For 856-K24
401-60455-32 103-K2 Md Bkt
401-60455-37 Length: 12.00 in; Bucket Width: 7.00 in; Bucket Depth: 7 1/4 in; Bucket Style: Mill Duty; Bucket Material: Cast Steel; Punching Hole Pattern: ER102B-K2; Wall Thickness: .3 ga; Includes Drain Hole(s): No; Includes Vent Hole(s): No; Punched: Yes; Bolt Diameter: 0.38 in; Hole Diameter: 0.41 in
401-60455-38 Belt Punch For B8
401-60455-6 Md12X7 Cast Bucket Punched For 102-K2
401-60455-8 Md12X7 Cast Bucket Punched For 111-K2
401-60456-1 Md 14X7 Cast Bucket Unpunched