The Experts in Water Management
The management of water movement is critical to every facility. Even a minor failure of any system can lead to catastrophic results for the building and its occupants, as well as lost time and revenue. 

At Rexnord®, we’ve helped control the flow of water around the world for more than 150 years, with products as diverse as highly-engineered municipal waterworks sluice gates and valves, drainage products, and water-conserving faucets and fixtures. When water is on the move, look to the Rexnord family of companies to provide time-tested solutions led by world class engineers who design unique solutions for individual needs.

From Commercial Buildings, to Hospitals, to Stadiums to Homes Like Yours
Rexnord’s Zurn® subsidiary ensures years of trouble-free performance. Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all, but tailored for the user and the application. To simplify the purchasing process, “Zurn-One” packages combine commercial fixtures with the commercial brass, providing special pricing and warranties for a complete package.

When you need to control storm water, or process water for various applications, our products stand ready. Because our drains have been employed in thousands of applications and industries of every kind, we have the experience to help you choose the right product mix.

Ensuring That Your Water is Safe to Drink
Potable water can become polluted or contaminated from many sources along the distribution pipeline. Wilkins backflow preventers provide the highest level of protection to ensure that your drinking water is fresh and safe. Wilkins also offers the lowest cost of ownership by producing valves that are easy and cost-effective to maintain, resulting in significant life-cycle cost reductions.

Zurn PEX: Labor Saving Solutions for Fresh Water Delivery
Delivering water to point of use is dramatically simplified with Zurn PEX. These color-coded, flexible tube solutions install quickly, winding through the tightest installations with ease. With Zurn PEX, you have a seamless, corrosion-proof and freeze-resistant solution for water delivery. With a complete selection of fittings, manifolds and tools that ensure proper assembly and installation, Zurn PEX is the ideal method for taking labor expense out of any installation.

Safety in Any Weather
Rexnord utilizes its Zurn PEX flexible tubing under the pavement in commercial applications to help keep facilities safe in winter. Heated fluid is circulated through the tubing to effortlessly melt snow and ice. Store and office entrances, exterior truck docking bays, walkways, wheelchair ramps, or virtually anywhere snow and ice can accumulate are safer with our solutions.  

Helping You Reduce Water Consumption
Reducing water consumption not only saves money but is mandatory in many building projects. Rexnord has designed the EcoVantage® series to provide a mix of innovative LEED/Green-listed products, including: water-free urinals, ultra-low-flow urinals and flush valve fixtures and high efficiency toilets (HET). Our products deliver the same level of performance as traditional fittings with minimal water consumption. Install them for new construction or retrofit projects to lower building costs and provide long-term savings.

The Rexnord Difference—Engineering Through Distribution
The Rexnord team of problem-solving engineers and network of sales representatives work closely with design professionals and end users to configure the right product combination for your project. Our global distribution partners and sales representatives are ready to step in at any time to help you meet the needs of your project.